Intel Wants to Build Chips for Cheap Smartphones

The world’s largest chip maker Intel enters the Smartphone industry: Intel wants to produce microprocessors for cheap smartphones in the future. Especially the Smartphone first buyers in emerging markets, representing the largest growth market for the Smartphone industry worldwide are addressed with this affordable smartphones.
Intel is the world’s largest manufacturer of microchips. In the manufacture of the processor for smartphones, the company plays but still not very important. That should now change: Intel wants to build with new microprocessors for cheap smartphones “a new Smartphone platform for growth markets” – this was announced by the company at the technology fair held currently in Las Vegas CES. With these devices, the company wants to attract those who chose to buy a Smartphone in the emerging markets for the first time, for Intel that make microchips. The trick with these so-called cheap Smartphones that are probably cheap, so cheap but not: Despite their comparatively low price the Smartphones should have a respectable outfit, which worth watching. The entry into the market will be worth for the microchip manufacturer Intel: estimated the worldwide market for cheap smartphones will include a quantity of 500 million units sold per year in the year 2015.
The microprocessors that Intel now builds for the Smartphones, are strong in performance and in addition energy saving the company according to. In addition they support two cameras built into smartphones and to make possible also the Smartphone control in addition to the taxes touch through language and gestures for users. Intel also face detection make allegedly possible microprocessors.
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