IP Digital Camera Surveillance System

Do we need a home video?

With CCTV cameras are accustomed long ago, as far as they meet only in public places. Entering the shop, office or business building, we do not even need to read the warning signs indicating that the object is monitored with cameras to make sure that this is so.

On the road, in public places such as railway stations, metro stations, airports, parks and playgrounds-CCTV cameras monitor our every step. If, however, we tend to carry them in your home and will not desiring to secure peace to break their own personal space and that of their relatives?

Arguments in favor of home video:

If you are still hesitating whether to install digital IP cameras for surveillance at home, here are some arguments in their favor:

  • The cameras deter offenders

Thieves rarely act spontaneously. They examine in depth the targeted house before planning the robbery. When you notice that a home, be it a house or apartment is guarded around the clock by cameras, they will surely exclude from the list and will focus on an object with a lower level of protection.

  • Control over employees

Many people use the services of outsiders in the care of children, pets, cleaning or other household activities. Domestic staff used mainly people who work a lot, and it means that they spend a lot of time outside the home. Let a stranger at home, among their loved ones and expensive items is quite a difficult decision, but often – inevitably. A system for home video respected staff while creating maximum comfort and safety in humans that allow outsiders at home.

  • Proof of offense

CCTV cameras not only deter offenders, but also can help the police prizalavyaneto offenders. When the house was guarded by cameras filming a clear and detailed picture (including at night) and are mounted so as to cover a wide perimeter of the area where the crime was committed is much easier to identify persons, the number of cars and concrete moves .

  • Control stays home children and the elderly

Sick elderly and young children very seldom left alone, however, it is sometimes necessary. To not worry about what is happening at the moment with people who are left without control is good to install at least one camera in any room in your home. By monitoring systems online, you can monitor what happens to your family computer in the office or mobile phone while traveling.

  • Protection of the car:

Theft is a real scourge of modern man. Of them proved that they can not save us any alarms or electronic locks or solid insurance. A very secure method is to watch a video or garage where the vehicle is an additional convenience we can provide, if the recorder is activated by movement and also trigger the alarm. So we will not have to watch hours of recordings from cameras to see the offense and the person of the offender.