IP Security Camera Comparison

The Swedish network equipment manufacturer offers a range of IP surveillance cameras. As good as the Axis M1031-W and M1011-W? The response with our test.

Aesthetics, finish and durability
Small cameras from Axis embrace a simple design and boilerplate. On the other hand, their small size allows them to pass relatively unnoticed. Both models are very light, but the plastics implemented appear to be robust.The excellent workmanship will not come to contradict the first impressions. Axis confirms its reputation by providing quality cameras.
The cameras are small, light, and their design is boilerplate. Right: one can see the infrared detector (center), the LED lighting (left) and the speaker (right) that are only available on the M1031-W model.
Design support
The connection support / camera is provided by a metal ball that has many degrees of freedom. For horizontal or vertical mountings, it is possible to use a breakthrough ring that is fastened under the foot of the camera (see middle photo above). In addition, Axis provided equal a small vise that secures the camera on the corner of a cabinet (for example) to avoid having to make a hole.
Inputs and outputs
Whether with the model M1031-W and M1011-W, connectors available is exactly the same. On either of these cameras, Axis provides an RJ45 wired network jack, a power supply and a reset button. Note also that in both cases, cameras are Wi-Fi enabled, but the antenna is integrated in the shell.
Knowing the orientation of the semi-professional range of Axis products were expected to have inputs / outputs for connecting these cameras to a wired alarm system. This feature has not been provided with the M1031-W and M1011-W models.
About the installation phase
The austerity of the installer remember that we are dealing with a brand that targets more professional or semi-professional world and the general public. Whatever, the main function is assumed perfectly: after the executable, the program instantly detects the camera. The window “about” indicates that the program is based on the code of Bonjour (Apple’s network protocol). It is however not essential to install Bonjour for the detection work.
Axis IP utilities displays the IP address, allows the change, or proposes to open the Administration web interface.In short, networking should not pose any problems to expect. In passing, we also appreciate that the installation program has been fully translated into Fren.
When double-click on the camera that is to be set, it falls directly on a Web page that offers to enter an administrator password. After these formalities, it is possible to access the web configuration interface.
Also of note on its Web site, Axis offers free significantly more cameras resulted manager. This second program is named “Axis Camera Management”. The tool offers roughly the same functionality as the basic application, but the full integrating additional options. For example, this time it is possible to detect a camera to flash firmware, reboot a remote camera or restore its factory settings. It can also configure advanced settings down to the finest details. The tool is clearly aimed at business customers.
About the Web interface
A simple interface, but not simplistic
Even with the latest firmware (5.00.2 at the time of writing), offers no option to switch the menus in French.Despite this lack regrettable, we must still recognize that the Web interface is very well organized: there instantly found what we search a few clicks. Yet we must remember that this is a model that teases the professional ranges: When venturing into some hidden menus, one realizes that some powerful options were provided.
Powerful gadgets bonus
For example, it is possible to add buttons or hyperlinks that point to a website on the administration interface.For their part, snagging the development will add their own pages of Directors to fully customize the interface of the camera! You thought you’d seen? Think again, the developers have even thought to give the opportunity to build from scratch an administration interface for mobile devices! Indeed, it is possible to add one or more adjusting levers on a page requiring no plug-in or Java ActivX to work … He had to think.
The Records release
Endless possibilities
Put an immediate end to the suspense over the whole of this comparison, the M1031-W Axis camera is the one that offers more trigger options. To be quite honest, the setting options are particularly strong to the point that all the cases appear to have been planned. For Axis, the camera will start recording when an “Event”. An “Event” take the form:

  • In an entry in the calendar;
  • In a heat sensing recorded by the infrared sensor;
  • In Noise emissions in the monitored room;
  • In a motion detection on the digital sensor;
  • On a timer recording for a certain date / time;

Knowing that you can combine these patterns to infinity, and you can involve special actions (sending of the snapshot through FTP, mail, triggering a sound, light façade, etc.), we understand the possibilities are particularly numerous.
The automated stock system developed by Axis is extremely powerful. By creating a series of planned actions which recalls the principle of macros, one can for example ask for a motion detection between 13:00 and 14:00 is videotaped on a server FTP while outside of these hours, a gust of images will be sent by email. You can create countless combinations using all modes of detection available.
Yet even if the process is extremely successful, ergonomics has been sufficiently well thought out so that the user easily finds its young in the myriad of possibilities. Again, Axis confirms its expertise in this field.
What about motion detection
Given the excellence of the event configuration menu, it was a shame to be deprived of a quality motion detection module. Good news, potential customers will have nothing to fear from this part. Better still, we can simply say that the detection module that Axis has integrated its M1031-W and M1011-W has no equal in this comparison.While the competition often merely provide a simple sensitivity adjustment, Axis thought allowing to set the size of objects to be detected (number of square pixels).
The manufacturer does not stop there way since it is possible to define five zones of different detections (inclusive or exclusive) we may appoint to his liking. To check the settings, a graphical real-time activity (see photo above) indicates detections (red) and the lack of detection (blue). The set of tools available allows extremely precise adjustments.
The features and differences between the M1031-W and M1011-W models
First, you must know that the Axis M1031-W (not his sister) differs from all the models present in this article due to the presence of an infrared motion detection module. This is coupled with a powerful LED lighting capable of putting a subject highlighted in a completely dark environment. This technology replaces rather well the lack of night vision lens.
Moreover, unlike the Axis M1011-W that does not have the M1031-W is equipped with a microphone and a speaker. The micro obviously gives the possibility of remote listening. For its part, the speaker is capable of transmitting digitized sounds are built into the camera (lens closing noise, barking, etc.) when motion is detected.
Apart from these two features that are specific to high-end model, the two cameras, one notices above all the excellent motion detection module and the power of automated event handler. Moreover, in one or other of the cases, the experts will appreciate the advanced options for customizing the camera, or configure an interface for mobile devices.