iPhone 6S Plus vs. Galaxy S6 VS. LG G4

iPhone 4S and6S Phone Plus are not the best camera phone on the market. There is no doubt about this and rarely were. In fact, there are many elements that must be taken into account in addition to the optical-only and the software behind the camera is definitely essential to assess the potential of a product. This year LG G4 and Galaxy S6 have been shown not only to have great hardware with unique features and immediate focus, but also software that can offer almost endless options and a lot of manual handling virtually aspects. This makes the two smartphones South Koreans better than iPhone 6S in experienced hands (considering the factory software and not third-party app).
But when we analyze the matter in classical terms of use, which is the point and shoot or automatic management of the scene without then manually set parameters by entrusting everything to your smartphone, here the simplicity of the iPhone shows the true potential of your phone. “Only” 12MP compared to direct competitors but really exploited very well the 16MP and with a quality of the shots on automatic it hardly disappoint. Lacking virtually all options of opponents, but “what” does very well and for most users, if the photos are automatically notable, why complicate your life looking for advanced settings that maybe you do not know the characteristics?
This concept of the “Apple” has always applied to iPhone defined on Photionary and this year is higher resolution photos and videos thanks to the more powerful processor.