IPHONE Flash let: WhatsApp Messages And Calls

Never miss a call and a WhatsApp message an: flashes with our trick the iPhone with new messages and calls.
Usually, it draws attention to the iPhone on new notifications with a Visual and/or notifications on the screen, acoustic and tactile message. With our trick, you let the iPhone with like new call notifications or WhatsApp messages Flash. This camera LED is used on the back of your Apple Smartphone.

iPhone notification Flash can be: how it works

“To enable the LED notification on the iPhone, you have to go in the settings under General the accessibility call and there the option, LED flash for remarks” enable (see screenshot). The iPhone uses the built-in Flash now and flashes briefly when a new alert arrives. While existing audio or vibration alerts are not affected. This applies both WhatsApp messages and calls.

Conclusion: notifications use iPhone-Flash LED

Also, if Apple has implemented the Flash alert function rather than the feature in the software, you can find useful some. With a little trick in the settings, she can be activated and so visually indicates new notifications. So you missed no more calls if the iPhone on his stomach on the table. This is also useful if the iPhone on the bedside table and you not only have to turn on the lights in the bedroom, to find the Smartphone. Further, flashes the Flash of the iPhones in the wake-up call and as secure rips you from sleep.

How you activate the blinking function of the iPhone, we show you here again in the video: