IPhone with 103,6% Remains of The Benefits of The Market of Smartphones

Beyond the debates about its devices, beyond its insistence on go it alone and not look at what makes the rest of the market… Apple is in the end within a company. And it is extremely efficient in getting what you are looking for all companies: earn money.
Why I say this? Maybe because despite the recent figures that Android get record of 88% of the market share of smartphones, Apple has secured 103,6% of the benefits of that market during the third fiscal quarter. They are BMO Capital Markets estimates, which show that Apple remains the Queen in benefits for many more mobile competitors selling.

A moment, how can is earn more than 100% of the benefits of a market?

Then that same I asked myself I read the news, but it is that there is a very logical reason behind: there are companies in the market of smartphones that have not had benefits but these losses, and losses (LG and HTC go no further) they are recorded in the form of negative percentages.
These negative percentages swell of companies that have benefits, and Apple’s have been so large that they can exceed 100%. Samsung fall due to the Galaxy Note 7 batteries has helped to do this, of course. This manufacturer is the second of the list and has only managed a 0.9% benefits.