Is it Worth the Amazon Tablet Android 59 Euros?

A few years ago tablets were seen as the next big revolution, a sort of hybrid with the best of laptops and mobile phones. The iPad opened a path that seemed to rise from year to year.
The reality, soon after, is that they have become an interesting niche product but almost. They are not massive devices rather than whim but of course there are many circumstances in which they are actually useful. The issue is that the price of many of them makes us think much purchase.

So you do not have to hesitate a few months ago Amazon launched a new version of its Kindle Fire range of tablets with Android, which focused on one thing: reduce the price as much as possible. And what if they did at
Some time later we were able to get their hands on one of these tablets and we leave first impressions in this video.
Personally I only use my tablet, one with more than five years, read on Pocket so for my use this tablet would be perfect.
It is obvious that we have certain commitments as power or screen quality but as we said we can not lose sight of the price.
We wanted to carry out some of the most basic and general functions such as playing videos, launch Chromecast, use it to follow football games streaming or playing Candy Crush. At all times we have seen that it has responded acceptably.
Does that mean that no commitments? Yes, but that could wait. To install Google Play Store in the Kindle Fire 59 euros have to follow a tutorial that if it is not complicated if the user walks away with very basic technical profile. On the other hand the quality of the materials but above all of the cameras makes many advanced users look at other options, such as Chinese import models.
But if for someone this is a good product is for those relatives who know that we them a favor by giving them an Android price device content, big screen and appropriate response, even if it means having you throw them our hand to return to the fold of Google.