It's Summer: 6 Watertight Hulls For Iphone

Summer is here and the holiday by the pool or at the beach are perhaps already scheduled, we wish you in any case.
For those who plan to take the iPhone everywhere with them, it is possible to give a watertight protection, as electronicsmatter says.
So to help you make your choice, here’s areminder of watertight hulls tests available in our section test iPhone accessories.

The cover waterproof “BeachBuoy” for iPhone 4/4 S/5

A cover that has the merit of simplicity tested in this article. In addition, you will leave your iPhone from your protection at a glance and can even use it with your usual protection. A solution to the final inexpensive, interesting for use in boat, kayak, on the sea and at low depths but which does not shock protect
It is sold at the price of€ 14.36 here for the iPhone version 4/4s and here for iPhone 5.

Waterproof case for iPhone 4 of Innopocket

Tested in this article, this protective case allows you to turn your iPhone into where camera underwater camera. On the other hand, it requires manipulation to put and remove all, knowing that the machine will be little used outside the water. This isn’t our favorite!
It is on sale at the price of€ 38 here for the iPhone 5 at the price of $29,99 here for iPhone 4.

The case waterproof SEaLABox of Krusell for iPhone

Tested in this article, this case waterproof, though attractive in appearance, his grip and finesse, capable of taking water quality videos let the final… on his hunger. So, we would have liked to be able to use in more situations that one is frustrated.
The case is on sale at the price of € 21.88 here for iPhone 4.

The shell waterproof RainBallet for iPhone 4/4 S

Tested in this article, the hull is very thick with thick edges making it its nice little use. In addition, there is no access to the buttons volume and vibrator and must remove it at every top-up of the iPhone.
The hull is on sale at the price of € 34.95 here for iPhone 4.

The Lifeproof hull (2nd generation) for iPhone 4

Tested in this article, the Lifeproof hull improved (the first was not good at all) is very powerful. It allows to film and photograph underwater with a very good quality, for it, the touch screen is not functional under water, it will use the volume button to trigger and stop shooting. But don’t worry, it’s accessible without problem! And above all, it can be used out of the water, almost on a daily basis, but attention to the calls, the votes aren’t always audible tpas for the correspondent. A defect corrected on the iPhone version 5 according to our tests (see below)

The shell waterproof iPhone 5 LifeProof Fre

Tested in this article, a protection that is not competition at its height in terms of space / protection until then, which is not really cheap, but are really functional manufacturing quality and appearance. Usable under difficult conditions but also on a daily basis. The best hybrid solution (daily and water) tested according to us
The hull is on sale at the price of € 70.74 here for iPhone 5.
ATTENTION, many copies of hulls Lifeproof at lower prices are circulating on the net.

Water-resistant the case for iPhone 5 Seashell SS-i5

Tested in this article, this different box of simple previous shells, is primarily intended for diving. It appeared both robust in its design and very simple and quick to use. So, iPhone takes place in a few seconds and then the iPhone really body with the housing.The preparation of the iOS interface is a little long but you get used to. It is then a real camera/camera that is handled, but able to withstand the pangs of the weather and dust but also to a more deep dive that allow usual watertight shells that appear well light at the time.
The subwoofer is on sale at the price of € 119.99 here for iPhone 4/4S/5.
That’s it! Hoping that this list will serve you 🙂