Jolla Talking Sailfish US: What Can They Do That Nokia Could Not?

Carol Chen from Jolla chatting about how Jolla differentiate themselves and how they will create a foothold in the market.
After a long period where the Android and iOS in the degree has been sitting on the market shares of mobile OS, so there are now little different alternatives emerge from the shadows. Mozilla has a number of phones out and Ubuntu were to launch a high-end phone next year, so where does Sailfish US in this fight?
Linux Magazine has taken a talk with Carol Chen, Chief of Jolla the community about the future. 
Google is mentioned as having much development behind closed doors about Android, the road would Jolla not to go, but are mentioned in the same breath that of course there will be parts of the code protected. As far as possible, development as well as communication channels be open, which is achieved by having open IRC channels.

Agile Enterprise

Jolla, as you know, is a spin-off company from Nokia and their Symbian/Meego development. According to Chen, there was a group of people who wanted less bureaucracy as the majors, of course.
Jolla is a small and agile company and “decisions can be taken without needing 10 meetings to reach a conclusion,” she says.
As a competitor to Ubuntu and Firefox, considers Chen to Sailfish is a very realistic alternative but to the other operating systems are not regarded as competitors but as simply alternatives for people who are tired of Android. Chen also pointed out that all the apps created for the Ubuntu OS will work at Sailfish US.
2014 will be an exciting time for everyone who likes Linux-based operating systems, the whole interview can also be read in source Jolla.