Kairosoft Tea Proposes to Manage Your Own Rancho of Horses with Pocket Stables

Kairosoft return shows once again the management games are their specialty and always manages to give a twist to the issue that touches, leaving in the majority of cases a very polished game. His last game, Pocket Stables, It is a good example that you can repeat the formula of management game, but must know how to do well not to lose freshness.
As its name suggests, we are going to take care of train race horses on our ranch. To do this we will have to start buying at least one horse, to choose among the races that we are given to choose at the beginning, with three races that will not come to much, but that well trained they can make us earn some money and prestige.
Using different types of facilities, we will have to go Training horses to improve on speed, stamina, intensity and ability to make better racing. Although the horse not only matter, having a good jockey will help to improve the performance of horses in races, giving us more opportunities to win.
When the horse starts to lose capacity (around four years) we will make that you removed so that it engages in offspring, in the event that his Colts are to. In any case, we will be getting access to horses with the best pedigree, which will cost much more but that will return your investment in the form of better qualities and before access to the most important races.
As always, Kairosoft knows how to make a good management game, very fun and entertaining. The price is in line with the rest of, 3.80€, This being one of the most complete sets of the developer so far and that much is worth giving a chance.

Pocket stables Version 2.2

  • Version of Android: from 1.0.4
  • Developer: Kairosoft
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: 3.80€
  • Category: Games