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If in front of the latest it-bag can’t rein in credit card, don’t miss the super news live from the Mipel, the international fair of handbags and fashion accessories. Here are previews of upcoming collections accessories fall/winter 2016/2017
The largest fair in Cosmos between those dedicated to professionals of the trend is called Mipel, is held in Milan and it’s all, entirely devoted to handbags and accessories.Basically, if you go crazy for accessories, this is an earthly version of paradise, here’s …
Imagine gathered here all the collections Fall/Winter 2016/2017 of over 300 brands among oldest companies and emerging brands. Imagine touching the next must-have, see the geometric bag of Azzurra Gronchi and Corsoundici or metalshiner of Rina Pandey and Ticercrea. And yet, the pieces to the whole originality of Salar and Three Foot Flower retro , taste of Hiboy and Plinio Visona, and then Braccialini, Soraya Milan and Is Ioanna Solea. Resist davver5o becomes complicated!
But what will the bags that we will bring with us next winter?

The bags for the upcoming fall/winter are handmade chain shoulder mini, or covered with exotic skins.Your him instead, you will be able to advise big duffel bags felted blankets, but also folders and doctor bags functional. There will be room for vintage (Edmos, Andrea Encounters), unisex (Animadverte, Positives Causes), for flexible bags in many combinations (Louis Vuitton, Mr Gherardini) and for the technological solutions combined with sartorial details (Poshead, Bric’s).
Our “magnificent 9” in strict order? They’re all here at Baglib!
Style and mastery, aesthetic sense and ethics of doing. Are the handbags by designer Paola Gauri, which looks at Mipel for the first time and soon to be in Paris at Tranoï. We are the second generation of a brand that sees its first Sunrise way back in 1973. Bags from the contemporary appeal, from the impeccable quality and in high-quality materials: calves, deer, water snake, colored fur. The combinations are endless, the use of color and bold. The inspiration of the collection presented at the fair comes from Ukrainian painter Sonia Delaunay and as Paola starts from a fragment of painting that you constructive chromatic reference detailed inlay,. They chose the styling of Paola Gauri: Elena Barolo, Barbara Snellenburg, Filippa Lagerbäck. Price range: from 450 to 800 euros.
The brand was founded in Milan in February 2013 thanks to the artistic vein of Cypriot/Austrian designer Ioanna Solea. It is the spirit of luxury to come out of every piece of her collection, she is able to never put into the background the artisan technique. It’s a game of contrasts between rustic and refined, is contemporary who exudes femininity from each cut, it is irony that is exclusive, refined Italian style that soon will end up in the limelight Parisians on the occasion of the Tranoï. London, Russia and Taiwan markets of references where the young Ioanna was able to impose its style. Price range: from 600 to 1150 euro.
For she is the second edition of Mipel, always a guest in the air The Glamourous, connecting point between young designers and established buyers. Born in Florence for all those women who love fashion without following it, and grows thanks to its 40-year experience of the renowned family tannery: Samanta. A talent, to Riviera, forged from important work experiences, such as the one by Dolce & Gabbana, Costume National and Ferragamo. The collection presented at Mipel is a dip in the years ‘ 80, with its video games to be the boss. It’s the Pixelate printed on bags to hit more than any other stylistic choice, as even the new closures made from plexiglass carved and assembled by hand. They chose the styling of Azzurra Gronchi: Milla Jovovich, Belen Rodriguez, Chiara Ferragni, Justine Elizabeth Mattera. Price range: from 600 to 700 euros.
Soraya Shahir Barzegar is a young Italian designer, daughter of Persian father, who by his love for oriental rugs decides to create this brand handbags and fashion accessories that are created to give a new soul to those ancient carpets around which Soraya grew. Are unique bags, of which it is not possible to have two identical pieces, born from the Union of two cultures and that in a short time have been able to attract the attention of buyers coming from all over the world. America, Australia, Canada, Switzerland and Qatar markets of a brand that took its distance from Varese and that in September will star in Paris, at the Premiere class. Price range: from 350 to 550 euros.
In March will be staged in Paris on the occasion of the Tranoï, but first makes a stop in Milan to present the next cold season where in inspiration to theart of theatre masks in Beijing, is combined with the contemporary street-art. There are inlays handmade in Italy and inspired by the culture of Chinese masks, developed with different skins like veal, the snake, the crocodile and the breed. Also a Masterful reworking of classical iconography of Chinese masks: prepare to see leopards and ants become modern and playful graphic-decor. Bjork is the icon of the season. The ultimate expression of femininity resealing: a red lipstick, with a modern and sensual allure. Provocative, refined, innovative shapes, bags handbags versatile able to become habit, jewel. Have chosen the style of Rina Pandey: Linda Tol, Candle June, Ana Laura Ribas, Roberta Ruiu. Price range: from 800 to 6000 euros.
Riccardo Braccialini, President Aimpes (Associazione Pellettieri Italiana) knows what women love. And after opening the American market, and the massive presence at the upcoming fashion week is at Mipel concentrating forces to present the latest creations by Massimo Braccialini. The inspiration comes from the East in a perfect naturist and animistic symbolism balance between exotic glamour and minimal design and metropolitan. The 3 new themes? The monkey, animal symbol of 2016 in the Chinese calendar, pony and black fur, with swarovski crystal eyes; the Lotus Flower, a symbol of purity, with its leather petals and the Yin & Yang with bright bezels sewn by hand. But not only that … is Braccialini vision of modern elegance that finds its maximum expression in backpacks and pony calf leather, skins that come directly from the tannery district Santa Croce. A vision of modern elegance, heir of a knowledge of beauty and craftsmanship. Price range: from 350 to 1000 euros.
Here is the craft to win, by looking for a bag that smellsin the literal sense of the word. Because it is made with fragrant tannins from sandalwood, coffee, through the finest bark. Let’s talk about real long-lasting sensory experiences for years. Bags are born in Trento in 1974 and have since been able to impose itself in markets such as Chinese, Korean and American. Bags made of genuine Python, crocodile, ostrich, elk and vegetable tanned so strictly, paired the best silk, the finest linen and straw. For all those who want an eco-friendly bag. Price range: from 300 to 5000 euros.
It is the designer of the singers, robe de Kids flying and Luca Carboni, Negramaro, Giosada, winner of the latest edition of X-Factor and also Luca Tommasini. Let’s talk about Philip Fanini, Ferragamo, which school at Mipel is placed right in the Sceneryarea, one dedicated to the best emerging realities. His is a cutting edge design in classic Python versions: 4 bags, cavallino, shearling and bull. The essentiality of Philip is reflected in the choice of materials, the craft component and in the study of shapes and this year to Lord it is rectangular. Bimaterial contemporary breath bags are modern and safe for a woman. La chicca? Lamb handles and brass mettaleria. Price range: from 300 to 1200 euros.
Chromatics will officially present the fall/winter collection 2016/17 on the occasion of women’s fashion week, but the first true debut of the new collection has taken place in recent days at Mipel. The brand marches, able to establish itself in the Russian market and the Middle East, as an elegant, sophisticated woman who chooses one colour bags or embellished with studs and Buckles, or even enhanced by prints (animal and reptile) and textures. It is an ideal location within the good taste which proves capable of uniting the best technique realization at that typically Italian beauty. Win the asymmetric shapes, bright colors and intense, adept at creating an innovative world that becomes contemporary and cosmopolitan framework. Must have the minibag, shoulder bags and totes. Price range: from 100 to 400 euros.