Kiss Call Me! The Right Lipstick for Your Style!

Lipsticks are a personality milestone in the life of the woman. There are bold who love a classic red lipstick, romantic who prefer a pink, discrete who opt for nude shades and women attitude that play in lipstick wine!
Lipstick is more than one item of makeup, is a stylish accessory!
What is your style, what is your favorite lipstick?

  • Red Lipstick: classics are classics. Favorite diva Marilyn Monroe, is the style that never dies, but it is always reinvented. It’s great to raise any production, whether or gala day to day. It can be used by all women, as it has many shades. Choose the one that has more to do with you and play! To create a vintage look, combine with an outlined kitten and false eyelashes.
  • Wine Lipstick: perfect for modern women with attitude. It is the favorite of artists as Lord and Rihanna, and shows that it is great for any skin tone. To be marked, it must be combined with a simple outlined accompanied by mascara, blush and pale.
  • Pink Lipstick: another classic, perfect for women who prefer a more romantic style. Depending on the shade, it can be discreet, have a retro air or be very jovial! As the red, you have several tones, and can be used by all women who do not open lipstick hand, but wanting something more simple for your routine. It can be combined with shades of brown, and smoky outlined. Be careful when choosing the blush to the colors do not conflict.
  • Nude Lipstick: it is becoming more popular in recent times, and has been symbol of elegance when properly used. It is the favorite of celebrities on red carpets when the eyes are the center of production, with dark shadows and well marked traits. It is the ideal choice if you want a very powerful eye makeup. Caution only with the chosen shade, not to “erase” the mouth and not give the impression that the lips are only based and more.