Lafuma Travel Backpack

When traveling, one needs a practical luggage which may contain all essential Affairs during the stay. Remember that your choice depends on your needs. Rolling suitcase or travel bag? Think about the activities you are going to practice on the spot before buying your luggage in hand.The backpack remains the essential baggage if you plan a weekend full of activities.
For travellers with a special preference for the backpack to the urban style and sportwear, polyhobbies recommends the Lafuma CICAD travel bag. Apart from the casual and sober design, it is also light and practical with its many features. If you travel a lot and you are looking for a flexible luggage cheap, this model unique by Lafuma will not disappoint! Round-up!


Outings and weekend getaways are often reserved for recreational activities (discoveries, sports, hobbies, trek, hiking). To fully enjoy your stay, the Lafuma CICAD backpack is more practical than a rigid suitcase if you take a plane. He has the ability and perfect size entering the limits imposed by the majority of the airlines. This bag is the ideal choice to travel cheaply by taking a lowcost flight.
-Design sportswear and urban, his look fits naturally into the styles of all travellers. With a robust design, this bag trend provides a sustainable and effective use.
-Many users who crack are for his totally ergonomic internal storage with a special computerpadded compartment, mobile phone and MP3. It is also equipped with several functional pockets for convenient storage.
-Both compact and lightweight, the Lafuma CICAD travel bag has a back and padded straps. For sports, camping and hiking enthusiasts, it’s comfortable and convenient bag for any occasion. Its detachable waterproof hood allows you to protect your business against moisture in case of rain. We also like his security pocket for storing your portfolios or valuables when you take a means of public transport.
In addition to its various strengths, this Lafuma CICAD Backpack also displays an affordable rate compared to the other models in the market. Its practicality and maneuverability are trading at lower prices. To buy without hesitation!


Not the time to make a comparison of the best travel bags for your next destination? Be sure to direct your choice on the Lafuma CICAD backpack. Discover its special advantages!

Composition and storage

The first impression of the Lafuma Ciudad backpack resides on its design simple and casual. Its flexible structure manufactured in polyester 450 d-600 d labeled Lafuma confers lightness and extreme resistance. Waterproof, removable raincover provides maximum protection of your business in case of rain.
This Lafuma CICAD carry-on has a total capacity of 19 litres for a weight of 704 grams. With its harmonious dimensions and its small size, this bag certainly into cabin without any problem, even if you take a low-cost flight. He holds an ergonomic Interior consisting of a central compartment with padded partition to accommodate your laptop or Tablet safely.
You have also another extra compartment with several specific pockets and zippered pockets to net. A secret pocket is located on the back of the bag to store your valuables. This Lafuma CICAD Backpack also has a zipped front pocket.

Transport and handling

You’re rather backpack suitcase in what concerns the cabin luggage? My babage cabin offers the cabin Lafuma CICAD backpack. This cheap bag pattern is characterized by its ergonomics and maneuverability. It will easily find its place in the cabin. In addition, it will offer you more mobility and freedom in your travels.
The travel bag Lafuma CICAD ensures maneuverability and an impressive usability with its ergonomic straps with phone and MP3 zipped pocket.
With his side handle and its relationship of elastic fixation for the straps, you can wear your bag way briefcase. It is also possible to carry it by hand in a vertical position with its small handle located on the top.
The padding in the back gives a nice port in foolproof. For greater visibility even at night, there is also reflective. His chest straps are also very practical.

Closing system

To access the Interior, the Lafuma CICAD backpack is equipped with a reinforced double slider zipper. At any time, you can secure your luggage with a padlock.
Remember to cross American territory, the presence of a TSA approved combination lock is mandatory.

In conclusion,.

Be it for sport, regular short stay travel, hiking, school or even for other daily uses, the travel bag Lafuma CICAD remains practical in all circumstances. Unique design, maneuverability and its comfortable appearance reassure users about its effectiveness. On Our site, it is available in blue coral and black at a very attractive price!