LakentoMVR, Using Our Smartphone or Tablet for The Virtual Reality

The virtual reality It seems that it is about to get to settle definitively in the next few years due to the increase of the quality of the devices as well as their remarkable reduction. The most popular bet is Oculus Rift, which will include compatibility with Android terminals. However it is not enough with a single bet why and competition is beneficial for everyone, or at least it has been thought Lakento.
This new company presented at the II has presented several new features in terms of game development and mobile devices, with the virtual reality of by medium, and want it to get more cheaply. It is the objective of the LakentoMVR, What will be a virtual reality headset that takes advantage of our smartphone.
The goal is that using our smartphone as screen We simply have to attach it to the helmet to use it as a cheap alternative to the Oculus. That would make that we rely entirely on the resolution and density of pixels in our tablets and phones, but never comes to an alternative for anyone who wants to sacrifice some comfort for a good discount.
The LakentoMVR are now available for booking to be sent in June and they will cost 60 euros and they will include two ready-made applications for testing the capabilities of this technology. That Yes, the first print run will be only 1,000 units, in case you are interested you should not let this opportunity escape or will have to wait for another spin.