Latest Gold Jewelry Trends 2016

Fashion trends in gold jewelry for Fall-Winter 2015/2016
This winter in jewelry and clothes in return romantic retro models, inspired by the hippie fashion 70s, bulky chains 80s, and jewelry with stones. Here are a few trends in the gold jewelry of the season in which every modern woman can find yourself and your style.
If you like fashion from the 70s know that thin gold chains with pendants, are particularly relevant this season. They will wonderfully complement both sheer shirt and daily dress. Golden pendant can be cleared or encrusted with stones, as our offer here.

Necklaces that Lie on the Neckline

Necklaces, which lie on the neckline and beautifully highlight the shape hit this season. Gold necklace leads to bust shape is geometric or floral. Such necklace adds a lovely evening dress with high neckline. And to combine beautiful gold necklace, covering the neckline will not go wrong and will keep up with the trends of the season.

Long Gold Earrings

Long earrings go to every outfit – both business suit and a cocktail dress. Voluminous shapes are inspired by the fashion of the 80s, big earrings inlaid with stones you have a great romantic addition to any outfit. Geometric shapes are particularly relevant for the season, so our proposal is long and bulky gold earrings with geometric shape that can be combined easily with everything and optical stress and lengthen the neck.

Gold and Pearls

Pearls are back this season and can be found everywhere – on clothes, fingers and ears. Gold jewelry with pearls, these pearl earrings are a great ornament not only during the autumn-winter 2015/2016. Pearls are an absolute classic and every woman should have at least one pearl jewelry wholesale.

Rings with Stones

This season, his hands were covered with rings – the more, the better. You can safely put more than one ring per hand, but it’s nice to have a focusing ring with stones. Choose a model that fits the shape of the fingers and let your hands to shine.

Massive Chains

The massive necklaces type chain inspired by the fashion of the 80s. Combine with long earrings or very discreet gold rings. The chains give youthful elegance of each garment and go all ages. Our proposal is a gold chain with geometric elements.

Golden Bracelets

Emphasize outfit with a massive bracelet, or choose a gentle combination of thin gold bracelets to make the crest of a wave fashion this season. Bracelets even pozmestvat little clocks, but in contrast, are a great addition to the autumn-winter wardrobe. Here’s our suggestion for current gold bracelet. Gold, gold ornaments and even golden accessories are very topical this season. Boldly open the box with gold jewelry and fill your wardrobe with glitter.