Layer Look and Lacquer Shoes with Net Stockings

Aaaaalso with this outfit I lay so times right beside it. I admit, I’ve really considered whether I should really publish it on my blog.But for two reasons, I would not want to deprive you of this look. Firstly, you have a right to see me in a not so successful outfit and secondly, I have frozen for this shoot the very best. That should not have been in vain. Actually, I like every single one of these garments. The black top blouse I had already often combined with the cashmere sweater. I also wore the blue lacquer lace-up shoes with these patterned pants. However never with net stockings. And here lies the error. The net stockings are too much of the good for the pattern of the pants. This is just too restless. Also, I feel around the waist around too much throb. In November I showed you the top blouse with the neyo sweater together with a tight pair of stockings. This look has definitely appealed to me. So one thing is certain, again I will not put this composition on.

I also have to say, the day when I wore this combination was simply not my day. That started already in the morning. Somehow I had miscalculated myself with my time division and came to the work to spin the work. Then the hair did not want to be as blow dry as usual. So I had except a bathroom outfit day, also a Bad Hair Day. Finally, the photos have not become so special. The light was bad, I myself did not really get into the pots and as I said, it was A….cold. On some days the worm is just there. But what is the matter, there is worse than to choose the clothes selection. By the way, I am already in the morning before the mirror in the look not so comfortable. But the time was too short for me to move again. I also did not really get to the funnel, which I did not like. It was only when I looked at the photos that I really fell into the eye. I think I’ve mentioned this before: in photos I often recognize this better if all parts of an outfit harmonize than in front of the mirror.

Pullover: neyo.Fashion
Blouse: & other Stories
Trousers: Dorothee Schumacher
Shoes: AGL
Bag: Chloe

I discovered a beautiful black blouse at & other Stories*. Not from the top, but still a dream! And the blouse at Zalando* is also perfectly suited to wear under a sweater. Lacquered shoes and stockings at LocalBusinessExplorer*has Zalando also. I’m not looking for a comparable trousers. I do not like that anymore. I think I will put them in Ebay. (If I can find the time;))

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September 23, 2017

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