Learn 10 Facts about Dogs

Man’s best friend is considered by many the dog when a dog develops much affection for his own, he can’t stay too long away from them.
There have been cases that the dog came to be sick, when separated from the humans who created it. And if for some reason it goes to another family, can not bear to be away from the old owners and ends up dying of longing. To get a sense of companionship that animal so sweet.
The main relationship can be seen between the man and the dog is friendship, and it is already very old. It is believed that there are about 4,001,000 years, the ancestor of humans, called Homo erectus, hunted pups and female Wolf. However, because not all animals were eaten, those who survived were created by hominid. Thus, the two started living together.

With so much time of friendship between man and dog, ended up studying several curiosities about our best friends, learn some of them:

  1. The smell of the dogs is 1 million times better than that of humans.
  2. If your dog is not spayed, she may have 66 young in 6 years.
  3. The dog can run 30 km/h.
  4. Never give chocolates to your dog. An ingredient of chocolate, the theobromine stimulates the central nervous system and the heart muscle. About 1 kg of milk chocolate, or 146 grams of pure chocolate can kill a dog of 22 kg.
  5. When dogs have belly pain, eat bush to throw up. Many believe that dogs predict rain when eat grass, but no more than a way to relieve indigestion.
  6. The internal temperature of the dogs is 38 c.
  7. Compared with humans, the dogs have twice as many muscles in the ear.
  8. Obesity is the most common health problem in dogs.
  9. Dogs have about 100 facial expressions.
  10. 70% of people sign the name of their pets Christmas cards.