Learn How to Lift Your Look of The Day!

Every woman needs to know your strengths and attributes that reveal your differential. Of course the natural beauty is something that draws attention and is also important, but until that question need daily care, right? And besides a beauty routine, it is vital that you know the colors shape you. Without forgetting, of course, those tricks infallible that raise the visual.
And one of the most important tips you need to know to use your favor is called Accessories. It’s amazing how they make a difference in any production. Are they that reveal your mood; seja minimalist, romantic, modern he or boho.

To understand, consider a white t-shirt and jeans wildcard, or plain shirt and black pants. This combo is the blank canvas for you to add whatever you want! You can be without inspiration to create a production fashionista, however, simply choose the correct accessories and the look of the day wins a new status.
Basic Looks Are As Blank Screens, Waiting For A Touch Of Personality With Well-Placed Accessories!
And we’re not talking about any accessory, see? Learn to choose interesting pieces and nice finish. To help you, we will share a special tip: you already know Papagalla? She is a very nice store of Belo Horizonte (but can also be called the “Disney of chicks”!). Just scroll through the room to delight and get several pieces!
Nina Moretti, the store’s designer and has a look super keen to create desire in their collections, which always show a beautiful and deep research work-how little you see around.
This winter, for example, the focus is the collection “Cosmopolitan“, which translates a modern woman who lives in big cities and you know use between various tribes-is a world citizen! Translate station parts exactly this versatility to adapt to different cultures and ways of life, always with a touch of glam.
Are unique items, which allow unlikely beauty-filled productions, a lot of information and a lot of personality. See our choices:
Notice How You Can Mix Flashy Accessories And Get A Modern And Original Proposal, Even With Neutral Clothing.
Among our choices in Papagalla are the patches and pins of bugs, in addition to the balls and bracelets necklaces. We must also mention the trends of the stars, which remains firm. Rings, necklaces and earrings with this shape are among the must have items of the season. And we guarantee: If you purchase will use a lot!
The chain overlaps strengthen urban bet, not to mention that they are amazing! Another element that appears as an ally to spice up the look of the day are the clothes. Colorful and in shapes, they are the darlings on Papagalla.
One more tip: dare to compose productions with metallic parts and accessories “brilliant”. Crystals can be the perfect choice to create a visual impact. Shine bright!
Finally, we cannot fail to mention the checkers, right? The paste used low to the neck is among the favorite items of fashionistas and comes in different formats. It enables varied productions, perfect for you to combine with other necklaces.
And There? What Did You Think Of Our Choices In The Collection “Cosmopolitan”, Papagalla?