Learn How to Match Clothes and Handbags

The handbags and shoes are the accessories women’s darlings. Join the style to convey your personality is not always an easy task, and it is necessary to know match too.
Combine clothes and handbags are the new craze of the fashionistas on duty, and a mistake to think that, to combine, it is necessary to have the same color or the same pattern.
Many women are afraid of risk and prefer to keep a pattern of colors. Big purse, small, square, color: there are several models, styles and prices. So, you need to know more about this universe of options not to miss time to assemble the look.
Tips for you to match clothes and handbags
Before we teach how to match clothes and bags, let’s get some basic tips.
Initial Tips

  • The first tip is related to his height. Proportionality is always welcome, so if you’re too high, should get a big purse. On the other hand, if you go lower, opt for smaller grants, not to run the risk of being “crushed” by the bag.
  • The second tip is about colorful handbags. Generally speaking, they are very welcome when you are wearing clothes with neutral colors such as white, black, gray and light beige.
  • The third tip is related to its body. If you are overweight and you don’t want to draw attention to their extra pounds, avoid handbags very clear, with very bright or fringes. They will end up increasing the volume of your body. In this case, opt for bags of darker colors and small/medium sized.
  • The fourth tip is about combining the bag with the shoes. It is not necessary to make this combination. You can combine the purse and shoe directly with the clothes, not needing to do the combination bag + shoe.

Now that I’ve absorbed some basic tips, we have a course to match clothes and handbags. Let’s move on!

Mailman Style Bag
It is essential to invest in this style. Have at least 3 models of handbag style Mailman in your closet.
Its main feature is to support a lot of weight, so this type of scholarship tends to be large, while there are also smaller sizes of mailman style bag. At this time, remember one of our initial tips: proportion is everything.
At the time of matching clothes and bags thinking purse style mailman, you need to see what the material of the bag is. You can pair it with jeans, romantic dresses and social clothing. Remember: keep an eye on the bag material.
Structured Bag
A structured bag is a bag with more rigid material. This is a model in high and quite versatile.
The structured handbags combine with formal looks, do convey seriousness. It is important to always adjust the strap according to your height. Handles big denote sloppiness.
Trunk Bag
An extremely classic model that combines with virtually all looks.
You won’t have to match clothes and bags using a bag chest, due to its great versatility and elegance.
Ideal for events, less formal work environment and that falls well with romantic dresses, classic parts, shirts and thin coats.
The backpacks spend a youthful image and transmit freedom. Are ideal for occasions when you use clothes to go to the mall, to college or go out to meet friends and want to have your hands free most of the time.
For his joviality characteristic, a backpack looks good when you’re wearing jeans and tennis shoes or dresses more takes.
Cross Handbag
Generally found in sizes small and medium, the cross handbag is practical and ideal for those times when you don’t need to carry a lot of things.
It is widely used in ballads, parties, weddings and more informal events.
She looks good with lace, sparkles, beads and prints. The choicest shoes for use with a cross purse are heel and peep toes
Handbag (Feast)
Formal parties, cocktail parties and evening events are great times to match clothes and bags, after all, how much more glamour, better.
The handbag, also called clutch, is small and usually involves only the basics: cell phone, keys, money, cards, documents and a lipstick.
How is ideal to complement evening looks, looks really good with dresses. Worth an extra tip: If the dress is plain, you can use a clutch more designed to highlight the visual. However, if the dress is Rico in detail, choose a handbag more basic, not to overdo it and keep the balance of the look.