Leather Jacket for Curvy Figure

No longer hot to stay without a jacket, but it’s still not too cold to wear the jacket or the coat. If we are bold, curvy women who love a look ‘rock’ and we are looking for a good alternative for night and day, you cannot give up the nail, a.k.a. historic must-have leather jacket, which in recent years has gained positions especially in the cut ‘biker’.

After a careful ride into your network to understand where you can find a leather jacket for curvy, she’s okay even to those not wearing a size 42. We found three e-shop that naturegnosis recommends for quality and originality to all women of all shapes and forms.

  1. Fiorella Rubino
    You can’t escape: If we’re looking for a good compromise between quality, price and tailoring for curvy women we are facing one of the most interesting. The proposals for the leather jacket are different, more elegant and more ‘rock’, the figure is accessible (it ranges from 70 to 120 euros, according to promotions) and there’s an added bonus: to be able to try the garments in the store, if in your town there is one, to figure out exactly what is the right size.
  2. ASOs
    Good prices (between 60 and 70 euro) and variety: these are the strengths of this e-shop for curvy, which was a recent discovery and very welcome. In section women-> curves and plus sizes are different heads and plenty of choice. The leather jackets plus size caught our eye, but navigating carefully in the part dedicated to fashion for curvy women we will find other things to buy …
  3. Marina Rinaldi
    Enhances the originality of heads and salt the price, but if we’re going to get a treat worthy of being called such (for a leather jacket will easily exceed 200 euros), with this brand will find a product that suits our. Also here is the rule of the shop: we can take a look on the net to get an idea, and then move on to the boutique to try the leaders live.