LED Candles

LED Candles In Infinite Shape & Color Diversity

As with conventional candles and tea lights also are modern LED candles and LED tea lights in things shape, color, size and pattern is no limit.
Whether noble, cream-colored LED candle made ​​from real wax with a height of 40 cm, which is the dark brown dresser stylish in scene, a 12 cm high, in it radiates sunny yellow LED real wax candle for the window sill, a small, classic white LED tealight in a autumnal decorated Teelichthalter for the powder room or even in various hot colors held LED stick candles with heruntergelaufenem wax on the outer rim , which give the old candlestick a special charm-the furnishing ideas, personal wishes and decorating ideas in your own four walls are with LED candles and LED tealights no limits set.

Total hip this fall all sizes and shapes of candles in a variety are berry and earth tones, but also LED candles inBordeaux-red, sunflower and honey yellow and in metallic shades such as gold, silver, copper, pearl and gray set great, autumnal accents and load it into arrangements or positioned individually to linger and relax.
With all the new color selection but also allowed white, cream and champagne-colored candles and tealights course never missing, they provide a classic but guarantees elegance and comfort in the room and bring each lantern for lighting effects.
And for Christmas? Of course there may especially red candles not missing! Time classic, sometimes playful with glitter or with funny patterns-is beautiful, anything goes.
Would you like a welcoming light in the garden?
But not only the inner region can be done using the latest LED technology easily become a place of relaxation and well-being in candle form, but also the exterior. Because where conventional candles encounter outdoors to their limits and just assume, flickering LED candles and LED tea lights with the IP44 easy blithely continue because they can harm rain or wind. Evocative garden parties and romantic moments outdoors in flickering candlelight are thus so no problem.

So we Grasp Once Again: LED Candles…

  • are hard to distinguish from real candles
  • with IP44 give outdoors comfortable light
  • can be operated by a built-in timer and / or a remote control individually and easily
  • do not constitute a fire hazard as they do not work with an open fire and do not heat up LEDs
  • are safe for children and animals
  • can also in places (eg in Toilets) and situations (eg when you fall asleep) may be used, if no constant monitoring takes place
  • burn never or only on one side down
  • can be provided safely with highly flammable decoration
  • can be placed safely adjacent to flammable and combustible furnishings
  • develop no smoke and no soot
  • care never to unsightly wax drips on sensitive surfaces
  • wear them away nice and comfortable light where real candles may not be used for safety reasons (kindergartens, rest homes, hospitals,…)