LED Floodlights – Smart Lighting Solutions for Indoor and Outdoor

By 2015, the end of the mercury (HQL) coming after the 2012 bulbs. So, workshops, industrial halls, to transform façade lighting and co.. What? On LED floodlights, the economical and environmentally friendly future.
LED floodlights replace halogen flood lights, sodium (NAV) Mercury (HQL) and metal halide (HQI). As the table shows, HQL and HQI have measured their lumen a very low luminosity. This means high energy costs. After some 4,000 hours of operation HQLs have already lost 30% of its luminosity. Especially in continuous operation they must be renewed so 1-2 times in the year.

LED floodlights: Economical maintenance and consumption

These maintenance costs at the LED floodlights. His average lifespan is about 50,000 hours of operation. That makes at least 5 years in battery-life 24 hours a day.
Another plus: like all LED bulbs need no time floodlights and spotlights and light immediately with full brightness. The optimized viewing angle of 120-140 ° degree ensures that even larger areas reliably are lit with a few luminous flux, which consumed the LED.Ideal, by the angle, the light is scattered.

How to find the appropriate replacement for HQL and co.

At LEDLager there are LED floodlights in day light white with a color temperature between 5,000-7,500 Kelvin, as well as in warm white with 3,000-4,500 Kelvin. Our RGB LED floodlights are a special highlight for special color accents.
There is also the LED floodlights with different base variants and in different designs. This means that you can replace your bulbs 1:1! For example like this:
100 W halogen lamp =_> LED floodlights 10 W
150 W HQI floodlights =_> LED floodlights with 50 W
HQL light with 460 W =_> LED floodlights with 100 W

Reduce your energy consumption by half with LED floodlights

And how much saves with LED floodlights actually? We assume a conventional HQL consumed 460 W with ballast. These replaced LED floodlights with a 100 W which requires no power supply by the way. We get on a savings of 78%. Over a 100 W halogen spotlights, it is 90%.This makes less after all, around €65 electricity costs on an average, daily 7-hours per year.
In addition to the lower power consumption LED holders benefit from savings in maintenance, maintenance and replacement costs. That LED-lights – in contrast to the HQL – can be switched freely, enables the use of motion switches. In addition, the motion detectors reduce costs.
And another thing: due to the protection class IP65LED floodlights can be used indoors as well as outdoors. The low heat prevents heating of the floodlight. And also the disposal run-time is not a problem for up to 100,000 hours, because LEDs do not contain lead or mercury.