LED Lights What Do I Look For To Choose Them?

In this blog we usually talk about the advantages and new advances of LED lights  very often, but if you still have doubts about why you should use LED lighting items, here are some of the summary:
With the rise in the bill of the light, more and more this type of efficient lighting as described in new illumination is used, even replacing the light of the refrigerator (each granite counts in the saving). Without forgetting that you can connect your regulation, on and off with your Smart phone . If you need to expand this information you can visit the article in which we explain how to regulate the light from your mobile phone.

But let’s get to the point, to what we really need to take into account when we want to buy luminaires and in general LED lights.

LED Lights What Do I Look For To Choose Them

“To know the amount of light that generates, we must look at the lumens. And to know what it consumes, we look at the watts.”

Since this is clear, we can choose which light bulb, tube or LED light we need, according to the meters of the room and the use , that is, we do not need the same amount of light in a house as in a business, even if the surface is similar .

The main advantages of LED lights compared to other types of traditional lights are the great savings in electricity consumption because, to give an example, a LED bulb of 9 W illuminates the same as a conventional 60 W and therefore We reduce our light bill every month.

The benefits of LED lights are many and varied, from energy saving and consumption, quality, duration, and more

When we explain this, some customers tell us that the price of LED devices is higher, but that is not entirely true. It is true that a conventional incandescent bulb is more economical when you buy it, and there ends its advantages since its useful life is usually only about 1,000 hours, compared to an average duration of 50,000 hours in LED items, which are Usually spend on homes have a life of approximately 15,000 hours, so you’ll end up paying a lot more if you opt for traditional lighting.

In future articles we will talk about saving in energy consumption.