Let Spain Become the New Models of Doc Martens!

What happens with the boots Dr Martens in Spain? They are well known for many years, many are fans of their models, we take breaks and trips to the rest of Europe to be able to model something different and besides, prices in Spain are extremely high for a simple model in black … what? From here we also get News you are going to be able to see below.

These new developments that we are talking about are their models for women called Re-Invented. More cute, with prints that are not here or in much more appealing colors as this nude.
The animal print is another reinvented model in the collection fall-winter 2011 / 2012 Dr. Martens boots. Chloë Sevigny did something similar for the Opening Ceremony, but as expected, much more expensive.
Another pattern that does not usually reach Spain: much more naive with their flowers, ideal for carrying with gauzy dresses and cardigans of fat point.
The dream of something classic but leaving the basic black, can be found in this model in grey Matt your perfect gift for Christmas.
And if we talk about classic signature shoe, more grief is upon us at not finding in tan monas as in a raspberry shades.
Fans of the Doc among our readers? Where you have your most precious pair you got?