LG G5-Full of Good Ideas [TEST]

LG’s latest G5-flagship is a true multi artist of a smartphone-unfortunately, the performance is not at the very top.
It is nearly ten years ago Apple iPhone school and formed the modern smartphone became-and where the shape of a modern smartphone was founded.
A mobile ad 2016 do not differ much from the original formula: the front is dominated by a screen, on the back of the camera and sits an app-store gives the possibilities.
LG has, however, always tried to spice up the formula with something special: the 3D screens, leather finish, curved screens, self-healing materials are just some of the interesting nytænkninger, the South Korean manufacturer has brought to the mobile market.
This willingness to experiment, get LG to emerge as the most playful among the leading mobile manufacturers-something which the company itself stressed under G5-flag ship’s launch.
Newest flagship from the company’s G-series is no exception-it seems LG to go all-in on the opportunities to fuse an exquisite finish that is a must in 2016, with interesting solutions as a modular design and dual camera.

Specifications Of LG G5

Goal: 149.4 x 73.9 x 8.2 mm
Screen: 5.3 “WQHD (1,440 x 2,560 pixels)
Processor: 64-bit Snap dragon 820 (4 x 2.2 GHz)
Graphics chip: Adreno 530
Storage: 32 GB + UFS expansion with microSD card
Camera: f/1.8 16 megapixel + 8 megapixel + heart rate monitor + laser autofocus, front camera: 8 megapixel
Software: Android 6.0 Marshmallow
Sensors: pressure-sensitive sensor, infrared sensor, fingerprint reader
Battery: 2,800 mAh
Moreover: replaceable battery via the bottom, USB Type C, Quick Charge, FM Radio

More metal than plastic

LG has long had a love/hate relationship with metal in smartphones. On the one hand, South Koreans seem to grace when your phone when electronics sparkles on metalvis, but at the same time processing seems never to get the right luxury finishes. The end results look therefore often luxurious out from a distance, but often feels not so finpolerede when they land in your hand.
With G5 seems however, finally taking the lightweight metal manufacturer to himself, by the scourge of the entire phone in an aluminium unibody.
There is just a fundamental problem with metal and mobiles: it blocks the signal and therefore, manufacturers have to either milling some plastic strips in addition to the fine metal exterior, or as something new with LG G5, antenna will be filed under a metal-like coating.
LG G5 is so in metal, but it is not quite the same cool touch that only massive metal can provide – we are close.
The advantage here is that the LG’s outer not plagued by some ugly antenna stripes. Totally minimalist is designed, however, does not, as LG complements G5 with a Dapper chromed plastic strip.
With G5 you will not get last year’s slightly curved top edge of the display, however, bows a bit, which is actually nice when topgardinet hives down.
The back cover is dominated by an elongated black peephole to LG’s two cameras, both flanking a device which contains sensors for laser focus and LED flash.
The whole camera part protrudes a bit out, but unlike Samsung and Apple latest smartphones kipper device not from side to side when the G5 be operated while it is on the table.

A large, comfortable size

LG has long challenged users with smaller hands, by relying on ever-larger screens in their G-series. Development culminated in the third and fourth generation which was little fellow with 5.5 “big screens.
This time breaks LG trend, by cropping a half centimeter of the screen’s diagonal, making the whole smart phone 2-3 millimetres narrower. The edges are also made softer, so they no longer cuts into the Palms – a pleasing detail.
At the same time, the phone is smoked on a diet so that it also there is a few millimetres narrower, while the weight is kept just below the 160 grams, in spite of the massive and rigid metal construction.
A combined fingerprint reader/power button on the back of the works initially whimsical, in use, but it quickly becomes natural.
The advantage is that you can both activate and unlock your phone with a single finger tap – a secure and convenient detail. You’ll just see recent notifications, they are not further away than a double dot on the screen.

Of the bottom – in with the possibilities

LG is never afraid to try something new – and in the G5 seems to be keen to offer something unique: a modular structure. It breaks with the past year’s trend toward less flexibility in smartphones, where the battery is non-replaceable and storage space cannot be extended.
Here goes the LG in the opposite direction by offering an interchangeable battery at 2,800 mAh and a slot for micro-SD cards of up to 2 TB if the built-in 32 GB not rows.
The possibilities, however, does not stop here, a small button on the side makes it possible to pop the bottom off, to switch it out with dedicated modules with specific functions.
Currently offers two modules, CAM Plus and LG Hi-Fi Plus. One works as a camera grip, with an extra battery on 1,200 mAh, and gives the opportunity to kick start the camera. With this, it is also easier to plunk what happens around you, thanks to a zoom and shutter button.
Another option is a Hi-Fi module, signed by B & O Play. It offers audio filters output as purists so can connect to their plants or headsets.
Although it may seem brilliant with these add-ons, I am not entirely convinced of the quality of the adjacent units.
Firstly, it is not practical to take on and off, since the whole battery is taken out, and the phone must be restarted. Secondly, I am afraid to twist the whole construction in pieces at each switch, since the battery sits very tight to the bottom. You must also be careful when you driver module in again, for pushing you the not properly entered, it will yawn at the collection.
It would be all worth the effort if the two plus modules, in turn, worked flawlessly. CAM Plus is unfortunately not properly integrated with G5’erens software, since it cannot read how much power there is in that little extra battery. The phone indicates 100% power therefore inventory – in spite of the fact that CAM Plus module can be almost completely drained.
HiFi Plus is also no unqualified success. It sounds better, but the player is not much higher than with the excellent standard connector, which will be a problem with certain HiFi hear steaks.
The idea is so good, but LG must come up with more Plus-modules with other features and higher quality before it becomes a real must-have.

Crisp, lifelike screen

LG G5 is like at the previous G-phones equipped with an ambitious display. Resolution of 2560 * 1440 pixels are among the sharpest in the smartphone world, and strong contrast and brightness, making it usable in all circumstances.
My G5’ers display disappoints slightly in relation to its competitors, by the likes of part backlight-bleed, where edges lit up there where they should be black.
Put up against topkonkurrenter from Samsung and Huawei can also seem a tad G5 LG sanguine. It is not, however, in contrast to rivals like Apple, LG, prefer to deliver a lifelike picture rather than highly saturated colors. What ultimately is best is a matter of taste.
LG is reminiscent in many ways of a little brother to the country the men from Samsung, and since Samsung introduced an ‘ Always-On ‘ feature in S7-flagships, should, of course, also have the same G5 function.
As in S7-phones are feature limited in its usefulness, as it sort of S7 swallows a good chunk of battery operating time – about 15 percent per 24 hours. In order to keep power consumption in check is the screen however, screwed down so much that it nearly foreshadowed indoors and cannot be deciphered outside.
The display always shows the Bell, but it offers more content as small icons indicates which types of notifications that are waiting for one, when the cell phone unlocking.
As in Samsung’s Galaxy S7 I ended up to turn it off, because I prefer a longer operating time.

Full steam ahead

Previous year selected LG to scale the service down a bit, by selecting a processor from subtoppen. This year is the ambitions of some completely other.
The forces provided by the blooming 820 processor from Qualcomm Snapdragon – a chip that measures up with the very best on the market today. G5 has 4 GB of RAM to work with, providing ample resources Marshmallow 6.0 Android to work with.
It resolves to a performance of the highest caliber, without hesitation, layers or anything else that might remind you of a break when playing, navigating on the Web or working with bigger programs.
The effort has a downside: it eats away tremendously on the battery. It is therefore regrettable that LG has chosen to reduce the battery compared to its predecessor. It is not small, but 2,800 mAh it is easily pressed during games or other demanding tasks.
Under ordinary use, you can count on that G5 will keep power day out and then some.
Super users must, however, rely on, to look for an outlet somewhere down in the evening.
Fortunately, comes with an uncommonly potent G5 can pump 54 percent power charger into battery in half an hour. After 60 minutes are G5 ready with a full day’s power, while the container joins 91% fully on the tank. A full charge is computed on a total of 75 minutes, which is faster than any other topmobil on the market today.
LG G5 saves at the end of another small weakness compared to its rivals: a weak antenna. The hooks themselves as such well to the local network, but they often tilted away from the fast 4 g-waves to the slow 3 g network. It is rather a shame, when now G5, technically, supports 4 g + speeds of up to 450 mbps wild.

LG goes own software-roads

The Korean company likes to go their own ways, and it is also seen on the software, which is based on Android, but appears as its own.
It can be seen already at the lock screen and its lively graphics, and confirmed by the home screen which, unlike most of the country does not have any Android app-tray.
Topgardinet is dominated by a series of single-sexy girl that can be run from side to side instead of up and down in the usual Android-shape.
It looks nice out, and generally is less messy than what LG have previously dished up with interfaces to the G-series. However, it requires a little getting used to its spots, for example, when a particular app or an option must be present, but LG does make up for it by offering a high degree of personalization.
You can therefore add additional navigation buttons bar of buttons at the bottom. That way you get lightning fast access to LG’s quickmemo app, for example, or ‘ Q-slide ‘ that brings useful apps like calculator, mail or calendar hovering over other apps.
Decidedly multitasking with splitting the screen into two apps puts G5 not up to, it’s a feature that probably first will come by, when Android 7.0 update rolled out – but given that Android 7.0 is not let out yet, probably long before this are deployed.
Software package in the G5 will be rounded of useful extra features such as a remote control emulator and an FM radio.

Brilliant dual camera

The camera in the LG G4 was among the most ambitious and competent in 2015, and LG thinks that it worked so well that this year is not the major reason to upgrade it.
Instead, what the company has done is to connect an additional GoPro-like camera to the strong 16 megapixel chip. With a field of view at 135 degrees, you get almost twice as much of the surrounding area with, well enough with a bit of the karakterisiske afrundning in the corners that characterise fisheye lenses.
What, on the other hand, there is genius, is that you get it all with, which as with the GoPro footage gives the viewer a feeling even to be there. The images are absorbed well enough only in 8 megapixels, but it goes to good results outdoors in both photos and 4 k video footage.
The optics opens only with f/2.4, which will hamstring the possibilities of ultravidvinkelsoptagelser indoors or at night. The optics is fixfokus, which makes it unsuitable for macro photos, but here the traditional camera can take over. You release, however, entirely to wait on focus value, so the pictures are recorded in the very same moment as you touch the screen.
The ultrabredde field of view at the same time another small drawback: it is not always easy to record so the fingers do not smoke with in the images or in the video.

The main camera is fine too

Should the images be extra sharp and detailed, or do you want to zoom in, the G5 over a more classic camera with f/1.8 stabilised optics.
As in LG G4 and V10 Setup gives excellent results both indoors and outdoors. Focusing takes place promptly by means of laser diodes while an effective stabilization ensures that your photos and videos will not be shaken.
Generally seem to prefer a flattering G5 and colourful reproduction of motifs, which delight the most.Compare G5 with the leading camera phones today, as Apple iPhone 6S Plus or Samsung S7, delivers the same detail as the two favorites, but can’t quite keep up with Samsung S7 when it gets dark.
On the video front is 4 k footage immensely detailed, but stabilisation is not quite on a par with Samsung and Apple’s best. Recorder you with ultra wide-angle lens is stabilising completely gone, but it is less necessary in the fisheye perspective.

Good, unfinished ideas

I seem not quite to honour the expectations as the LG modular design promise, the idea is good enough, but exports as such works just not thoroughly tested. It will the next generation of Plus-modules or G-mobiles will hopefully rectify.
Taken in isolation, is, however, increasingly an excellent mobile G5 which is rich in possibilities, where especially the extra ultravidvinklede camera appear as a small stroke of genius that produces photographic joy.
G5 offers real top performance, but stumbles here and there, with a battery and an antenna that is real through the slit.
LG’s focus on better materials is at the same time not followed all the way to the door, collect the quality is not top notch, and minor errors in the screen should not be found in a top of the range for almost five thousand crowns.
We therefore ends on 4 ½ stars out of 6 possible.