Lulu Santos Shows Collection of Hats

Head coach of Brazil ‘ The Voice ‘ won the first to 10 years while fantasizing of Bat Masterson, character in a series of American TV

You know that traditional song that says: “my hat it has three corners. If I didn’t have three points, it wouldn’t be my hat “? In the case of Lulu Santos, the play with copa and flaps covering the head can have one, two or three points. The coach of The Voice Brazil has a collection of hats and the RA-use them to compose the visual. “Many people who enjoyed her whole life wore a hat, for example, my childhood idols: Zorro, the three Musketeers and Bat Masterson (character in a series of American television)”.

Lulu wore a hat for the first time when I was little Luiz Maurício: “when I was 10 years old I fantasized about Bat Masterson and, maybe, this has been my first red”. The object follows in his spare time, while hiking in the Rodrigo de Freitas lagoon or in a restaurant, and is also part of your show. “The hat has a scenic use. Many pop singers use. Who doesn’t remember Jimi Hendrix with an afro and chaplain? Or the berets of John Lennon? “says.

THE M ais old and more honey

The Black Hat with a red pen is always used in the shows. “This is the main character who comes in to do the show,” he explains.

The little black dress

Lulu Santos uses in presentations in the samba rhythm: “When the singer comes to the show”.

Hat friend

The singer won in bastidore of The Voice Brazil. “Was given by Daniel. He is the most convenient for Sun he is made of a lightweight and straw is fresh, “he says.

Favorite type

The Rio loves to wear hats of type pork pie: “he’s all round, has the short tab side up”.

Caps, berets and caps

Beyond traditional hats, the coach also likes to wear other pieces that cover the head. “I have caps, berets and caps. I’m a person to any time. I started using a few Cap 10 years ago when I spent a summer in Miami. I did a walk and came back red-faced. We have to protect our skin “, explains.

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July 29, 2017

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