Made the Law, Made the Trap, Zara Tea Caught!

I admit that I am a big fan of Amancio Ortega. It has made possible to you can change of outfit every day without letting me pay it. For me Zara represents paradise, the all my shopping centre, My locker in general. But what I like about this is your online store: I know that I can find the entire collection to just one click.

When I saw the Oxford silver I fell in love with at first sight: convenient, risky but perfect footwear for a different outfit. The problem? Found them a tad expensive: 59 ’ €9 It was what separated me from them. Finished in tip and effect mirror knew that ultimately would end up spending me this amount to wear them. Until I turned by the girls section and & #8230;
If you’re that has a relatively small foot (between a) 36 and a 38) you are lucky: section girl shoes make them on your number, and its price is not the same. So neither short nor lazy I looked for, and what was my surprise? They had done the same model as above with some minor modifications: the Tip is not so pronounced (something that I like much more) and its price. These cost half: 32 ’ €95.
Neither short nor lazy I’ve already done with them and the truth is that … are cute! What do you think?