Maintenance Gloves – How to Properly Care for Your Gloves

A goalkeeper must keep in top form, leaving the lawn to the victor, and practically the same goes for the actual goalie gloves. If they want to be in top form, they require attention outside the playing field. Good preparation before the game, as well as a thorough cleaning after prolong their life and guarantee the best chance to present their full potential on the pitch for a long time.
Here we have a few important tips from payhelpcenter:
Well prepared!
Especially before the first use must be palm rinse with warm water. Thus the palm left no soap, which was used in the manufacturing process. It will be completely removed. Only then will the palm latex fully capable of full power.
Also in the rain!
And special hands wet weather should be rinsed before use, and hot water ideally between 35-40 degrees Celsius. Activated so material that ensures optimum grip in wet conditions. It is important that the palm is wet throughout the whole match!
Take a shower!
Even after the game’s not over yet. Latex is a very sensitive material that needs special care. Spin affects latex palm and should therefore be removed quickly. Wash gloves with warm water using a special shampoo for goalie gloves (Wash Glove Reusch, Uhlsport Goalkeeper Glove Cleaner). Then slowly dry the gloves, but never in direct heat source or radiator.
In addition to cleaning, it is also storing gloves, which plays an important role in order not to lose its high functionality. UV radiation is latex solid, porous and fragile. It is advisable to avoid exposure to intense slunčnímu radiation or light from fluorescent tubes. A special goalie bags offer the best protection against external influences.
Go play!
Resistance latex is well known quantity for each goalie. The softer and finer the latex foam, the higher the adhesion, but also a lower abrasion resistance and damage. However, it is useful to know that the functional properties remain until almost completely worn hands.
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