Makeup if You Wear Glasses

Who says that makeup does not match with eyeglasses? This pair so sure you’ve had to makeup brand launching glasses. Bobbi Brown has created a unique brand of glasses that has made the greatest success!
The important thing to do a makeup is that it enhances your facial features and exploits your charm which you may not have originally.
The prescription glasses can be a statement of style. And people who need to use them know they are fundamental in life. How about using them as your advantage?

It’s not complicated to do a makeup for those who wear glasses. Just discover some tricks of makeup and the items of makeup.
Today’s post brings tips on makeup items for people who wear eyeglasses, valuing the best shot.

Neutral shade

Neutral shades are the most appropriate choices. You will only have to worry about the color of your skin. The tones, nude, beige, white, pink, and brown are interesting choices. For a little more devastating look, use a neutral tone combining with a slightly darker color (a mid-tone) to make the concave eyes look better. If your frame is colored, pay more attention to the choice of colors.


Essential to lift the look in any makeup. Don’t be afraid to use it. The best option, according to, is the waterproof mascara whose remainder will not stain the lenses while people are using it. Don’t forget to wait to dry before putting on the glasses.

Eyeliner or eyebrow pencil

It is for those who want their eyes to be noticed. And, please don’t think that they do not need to be seen because they are behind the glasses. The most common choice of eyeliner for people who wear glasses is that it can be seen and evidenced and remain longer incredibly. The pencil can also be used. Just use the way you like.


The illuminator makes the makeup fabulous and brings a certain balance in the illumination of the face. It even can help you to get the  “impression” of shadow of the glasses. Everything becomes more radiant!


The general rule is that a more vibrant lipstick makes the makeup more alive, more chic and more festive. Experience the possibilities of colors. Apply lipstick in different colors on your mouth like red, coral, pink, magenta, wine… It complements the stylish look of the glasses, doesn’t it? Don’t be afraid to apply a bold color on the mouth.


Do you think it is a joke? No. This part of the face wins evidence because of the glasses. Ideally, try to keep the eyebrow reasonably well made. But, of course, that nothing is rule. Don’t blame yourself too by an eyebrow a big girl!
Do you have some special tips you want to share as a girl who wears glasses? Share them in the comments!