Makeup Tips for Oily Skin

Only you have oily skin you know how hard it is to makemakeup last longer on your face. After all, this kind ofskin causes makeup products out faster as it contains excess oil. But, if you have oily skin do not be discouraged, because there are some makeup tips for oily skin that can help keep your makeup for much longer. Want to know these tricks? Then check out the following are some basic tips of makeup for oily skin.

Tricks of Makeup for Oily Skin

1-Clean the skin

Before you begin the makeup is key wash the skin with soap for oily skins, because this step eliminates the excess oil in the skin and all the impurities. To complete this process, it is also important to use a facial tonic to eliminate the remaining waste and close the pores of the skin. After that, you can pass a sunscreen or moisturizer, but all oil-free not to increase the oiliness, ok?

2-Use primer before makeup

One of the tips for makeup for oily skin that works enough to control excess oiliness, is to use a primer before make. This product is excellent for conquer a perfect makeup, as it helps secure better products, in addition to providing a smooth and soft to the skin. Therefore, it is worth investing in this product.

3-Choose the right makeup

Many women who have oily skin feel difficulty to adapt to bases and correctives, due to excess oils, since some products can make matters worse. To avoid wasting money and frustrations, the tip is to always buy makeup products suitable for oily or mixed skin, i.e. those that are oil free. These products are perfect for this type of skin, because they avoid the increased brightness and make makeup last longer.

4-Use compact without fear!

The compact is also one of the main tricks of makeup for oily skin, since it provides a more opaque aspect to the skin. So, don’t be afraid to pass the product, especially in the so-called “T zone”, which is made up of the regions of the forehead and nose, which are lots of oily skin. Therefore, always take the powder with you in your purse to retouch it when needed.

5-Apply the makeup with brush

Other care that makes all the difference in the time to do the makeup for oily skin, is to apply the products with brushes. This is the best option to apply makeup because the brush deposit products without spreading both oils, while the finger or sponge tend to distribute this natural skin oil to the rest of the face.

In addition to these tips, it is also important to keep the oily skin care to achieve better results in time for makeup. Therefore, cleaning, toning, and moisturizing as well as remove makeup before you go to sleep, it is crucial to keep your skin beautiful and always ensure a make perfect!