Makeup With Aquacolores

For fantasy make-up, are frequently used the aquacolores or make-up water. They are fast working products, that confer a high coverage and a very vibrant colors.
The aquacolores are some hard pills which are diluted to get wet, letting go a cream of the color in question, who works on the skin directly, either with sponge or brush.
To achieve correct coverage, need to wet the brush slightly and work the color into the Tablet up to get water will soak in product and release the color. The mixture will be wet, but will not have too much water, which allows an optimal application and ease of mixing between the tones to gradients of color.
You can also see that some people vaporize water over the pill’s color and then work with the brush. Or wet the sponge and then working the pill with the same… are different techniques, as you will be more comfortable and depending on the type of make-up you want to perform.
As it is not fatty products, don’t need their sealing powder, even though, in the area of the basin, it is possible that accumulate and form pleats. In such a case, it is sealed this area.
Where to buy them? Because the truth is that it is a very popular product and that you can purchase with ease. You can find them in stores for costumes, great stationery at some hypermarkets, specialized stores or via online.
Those that I have are the vast majority of Kryolan makeup from itypeusa, but also work the Make Up For Ever.Of this type I have them colour and exclusively perio also mates with metallic finish.
Then, I also have some split of varied DiamondFX brand colors and Silly Farm which I like very much because they provide a lot of gradients work. Of these, I have them with metallic and matte finishes.
All of them are sold in various sizes, thus adapting to your needs. There are from split special palette with 4 ml, in format of 8 ml, 30 ml, 50 ml and up to 100 ml depending on the brand.
Do the aquacolores work with what tools? As usual is done with brushes and sponges.
Within the brushes, we will choose one or the other depending on the outcome you want to achieve. The most common is to use synthetic brushes, although those of natural hair can also be used.
As for sponges, it is interesting that they are firm to give them you can hold well and do different types of paths and filled with them, the rest, it is a matter of taste.