Match Holland vs Argentina 2014

Semi-finals of the World Cup. The Netherlands has come a long way and the Netherlands, really believe in the possibility that they can win the World Cup. Still, the Dutch team facing problems. De Jong is injured. Martins Indi still suffering from his concussion and Leroy Fer who have been injured in training. It was a tedious and rather dull game. Both teams defended with a lot of people and therefore ran into a shootout.

Ras report

First half

  • 2 “The Netherlands will play the same system as they have done throughout the World Cup. 5-3-2 and only put pressure on the half.
  • 7 “The first attack measures in the Netherlands. Kuyt plays a long ball to Robben who was well expected. Unfortunately, it is flagged for offside.
  • 9 ‘Messi gets the ball possession and a deafening whistle concert from the stands. All Brazilians are clearly present in the Netherlands.
  • 12 ‘Free kick for Argentina. The ball towards goal, but Stefan de Vrij approaches the ball. Argentines are trying to go back but the ball goes over the goal line.
  • 13 ‘Robben gets the ball and put the dribble. He loses the ball slips by Mascherano but the ball lands on Sneijder.Shots on goal, but the ball went wide.
  • 15 ‘Again a free kick for Argentina, only 20 meters from the target. Messi takes the free kick and the ball goes hard at goal. Cilessen know the ball clamp iz, my hands get.
  • 23 ‘Lavezzi with a good deed. Blind defends but falls and Lavezzi runs away. It is ultimately Vlaar working the ball across the goal line and give away a corner.
  • 24 ‘The corner is taken Garay manages to get his defender, the ball just over. It was this very easily could be 1-0.
  • 26 ‘Cilessen shows absolutely not afraid of Argentines and cut hunting attacker with a semblance of stairs.Brazilian shout of joy.
  • 27 “During the cross will Mascherano and Wijnaldum with heads together. Mascherano seems to have really affected by the collision.
  • 29 ‘Mascherano plays it back. Finally fell to the injury, and he can resume playing.
  • 35 ‘The ball remains stabbing in midfield as both teams can achieve their attackers but difficult. It will be really changed for both teams to win this match.
  • 37 ‘Martin Demichelis kicks hard against the shin Sneijder. However the referee does not whistle and the game does not seem to have seen. Since the Argentine will get away with it. It was worth a yellow card.
  • 39 ‘Sneijder tried to walk off the pain, but is yet to sit down and called off the pitch for treatment.
  • 40 ‘Sneijder is back in the area. He still has five minutes to play to get the right treatment at the break.
  • 45 Yellow card for Bruno Martins Indi.
  • 45 + 1 ‘Free kick taken by Messi is easily stopped by Cilessen.

Second half

  • 46 ‘Dutch alternate Bruno Martins Indi for Daryl Janmaat.
  • 49 ‘Yellow card for Martin Demichelis.
  • 52 ‘Messi is more present in the second half. Still, the Dutch defense are doing well by placing the attacker offside pass or block.
  • 56 ‘Ron Vlaar defended well. He knows Messi to stop again, and Dutch defense gives no chances.
  • 62 ‘Nigel de Jong Netherlands replacement for Jordy Clasie. This is because of the groin injury that De Jong sustained earlier.
  • 66 ‘Clasie settle in the area seems to be a good choice. He is playing well in midfield and the ball goes better around.
  • 72 ‘Vlaar defended completely throwing book in it. In itself understandable to stop the danger but it was obviously a free kick.
  • 75 ‘Almost a goal for Argentina! Perez passed the ball well for the goal and the ball Higuain can come to him with shooting into the side netting. This was a very good chance for Argentina.
  • 81 ‘Argentina suppleanter Enzo Nicolas Perez Rodrigo Palacio.
  • 82 ‘Gonzalo Higuain Argentina Sergio Aguero suppleanter.
  • 90 Both teams seem nothing more to force the final minutes of the second half. It is probably an extension.

First half-year extension

  • 92 ‘Huntelaar came off the bench and began to warm up. Will Van Persie from the Netherlands will play with two strikers?
  • 95 ‘Sneijder is blocked during the attack. He takes the free kick quickly towards Kuyt. Trying to send a cross, but the ball was poor and no one came to visit.
  • 96 ‘Robin van Persie Netherlands replacement for Klaas-Jan Huntelaar.
  • 99 ‘Robben suddenly trying to shoot from distance. The shot had plenty of power but went straight to the keeper.
  • 101 ‘deputies Argentine Ezequiel Lavezzi for Maxi Rodríguez.
  • 105 ‘Yellow card for Klaas-Jan Huntelaar. Huntelaar pulled Mascherano to the ground and this was a yellow card offense but is perhaps a little heavily punished.

Second Half extension

  • 107 ‘Zabaleta is on the ground after a duel with Kuyt. The Argentine received a blow to the jaw and called off the pitch. Argentina has no bills more than the team with a man should play less.
  • 109 ‘Zabaleta is still off the field, but can play again.
  • 110 ‘Free try it now, but at a distance.
  • 115 ‘Messi sends Palacio road and passed the ball to the goal. Palacio reach the ball and heads. Fortunately Cilessen can stop the deployment.
  • 119 ‘Kuyt gets a chance at the end. He shoots, however, full of Argentinian Demichelis.

Penalty shootout
Netherlands will have to do that punishes without Van Persie but without the hero of the previous punishes Tim Krul.

  • Netherlands penalty 1: Vlaar shot aimed at the right corner but was too close to the keeper. Romero was able to stop the ball.
  • Argentina penalty 1: Lionel Messi scored Cilessen corner and dived in the wrong direction. Messi points.
  • Netherlands Criminal 2: Robben fired the ball into the right corner and Romero appeared wrong. Robben points.
  • Argentina penalty 2: Garay hard shot right in the middle. Cilessen dived into the left corner. Garay points.
  • Netherlands penalties 3: Sneijder shot into the far left corner with a strong kick. Romero appeared well and managed to stop the ball.
  • Argentina penalty 3: Aguero shot into the far left corner and Cilessen appeared good but could not reach the ball.Aguero points.
  • Netherlands penalties 4: Kuyt struck in the right corner. Romero appeared wrong. Kuyt scored.
  • Argentina penalty 4: Rodríguez shot left of center and Cilessen managed to beat the ball up. The ball went over the bar yet. Rodriguez points.
  • Penalty five did not have to be taken. The outcome was already known. Argentina continues to 4-2 in the shootout.

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