Maternity Clothes Dungarees

The maternity dungarees, a comfortable solution, which with the help of the best known brands, from Prenatal to Chicco up to H & M and Asos, also becomes an alternative trendy to dress casually bump. Here are some of the most beautiful models for pregnancy, the overalls that fit into the belly grows during pregnant. In jeans or cotton, viscose and linen, there really are spoiled for choice.

The denim overalls

When you think of overalls, the mind automatically returns the image of the classical model, the best known and widespread, the denim overalls. Jeans that can take on shapes, colors, cuts and surprising intervals, even when it is a maternity overalls, viable alternative to jeans and leggings from expectant.
There are, in fact, on the market, a thousand different models of overalls in jeans, which vary from season to season and from brand to brand. If the classic of classics is the overalls in jeans with long pants and pocket some extra, as they want the work overalls that inspired it. There are, then, many variations on the theme with short pants, plain, Rolled or balloon; with three-quarter pants, Skinny, skinny or wide; with the straight skirt, pleated or balloon.

And, if the models vary, too much, according to mode, the season and the designer. Even the types of jeans are no different, indeed. You can choose different textures, from the heaviest jeans to the more light and soft, from that stretch to the wrinkled, and different shades of colors, washes and effects, from the washed out or dark blue to the blue sky and the tears.

Other dungarees

Originally it was the denim overalls.
Now you dungarees of each material, shape and color possible. Even when you have to dress the pregnant woman.In fact, especially for the summer, brands, from those specializing in clothing Maternity to those who have a line dedicated to expectant mothers, to offer expectant mothers trendy and lightweight solutions.
By overalls in cool cotton, plain or from many different patterns, with soft, neutral colors with fluorescent or decided shades. Modern to classic models, such as overalls with a pleated skirt or balloon, or suits that classical overalls take only a vague inspiration, and then transforms into women’s clothing and very fashionable. An example: the overalls in black crush silk, with American neckline and lacing behind the neck, which can be worn casually with a tank top or under a top, but also with high heels and clutch bags for ultra-feminine evening, even with the belly.