Media Report: Iphone Will Be Released In 2007 Only Three European Countries

The new iPhone from Apple will come according to a press report, only in three European countries on the market this year: in Germany, Great Britain and France. In the coming year, the combination of mobile phone and digital music player also in the rest of Europe and Asia will be to have, the Financial Times reported. The Internet music portal was Apple’s iTunes 2004 only in Germany, France and Britain started.   Apple have negotiated with the four leading European mobile operators T-Mobile,
Vodafone, O2 and orange. The choice on which to Spain’s Telefoníca had fallen associated company O2 in the UK, the newspaper said. In Germany post T-Mobile will be according to Rheinischer part, in France according to analysts France Télécom subsidiary Orange, because the company has the most customers. in Germany, the iPhone should be offered according to Rheinischer post from November 1 for around 450 euros and only in combination with a T-Mobile contract in the shops of the group. Also in the United States, the iPhone is sold solely by AT & T only in connection with a contract. «««Customers of other mobile operators, who want the iPhone, must therefore change the provider and accept also its respective tariffs, such as consumer advocates criticize. more to the iPhone» iPhone in the hardness test » the iPhone guide » activation is already cracked? ««» next iPhone may mean iPhone » Apple touches the drum  a survey of the mobile operator Talkline according to 70 percent of Germans refuse to change the provider for the iPhone. Also the price mentioned by over 400 euro scare off around 90 percent of a thousand respondents from buying an iPhone, Talkline announced on Thursday. in the United States, the sale of the iPhone was launched last Friday. According to analysts, already up to 700,000 units were sold. This success is expected mainly in the exterior. The iPhone is only about one centimeter thick. The smooth surface is taken almost entirely from the display, can be controlled with touch. Users can phone calls, listen to music, watch videos, email writing and Internet browsing. on the technical features of the new device, there is also criticism. Established mobile-Bauer when equipped with its upper class already next – while Apple has built a two-mega-pixel camera, the competition is now at least on the double resolution. In addition, the iPhone data transfer is  rather slowly.