Medion MD 96190

Navigation  the MD 96190 delivered best navigation results in the test. Approximately 1500 kilometres in the country and abroad, the unit made a misleading statement of direction only a slight error of navigation. The routing was very quick, even for long distance, the device needed only a few seconds. The Medion Navi has the currently latest traffic jam warning service TMC Pro on board – and that even without ongoing subscription costs. When all other Navis users for this storage service must annually pay.  a lane which first displays the correct lane, facilitates driving in hectic traffic situations. As well as the significant direction prompts
that are uniquely formulated with a few exceptions. Only Downer: the Medion GPS needs with 25 seconds long, to resume contact with the satellite after loss of satellite signal. operation the Medion Navi is ready out of the box. The map of Europe is completely on a 2-gigabyte memory card installed. The menu for the type of destination addresses is very easy to use. The device responds quickly to all inputs. Within a minute, each desired address was entered in the test. The device of 6.25 hours on the air is with one battery charge. A peak value when compared to other portable navigation systems. Practically: In the MD 96190 Bluetooth is installed, so that it be used as a hands-free kit for mobile phones can. representation the map display is overall clearly one of the best compared to other Navis. All the information are clearly arranged. The maps are also detailed. During the day, the readability is troubled by strong reflections on the display a problem at many portable navigation systems. Problem in night mode: the display in the dark is too bright and distracting during night rides. maps Medion delivers with 39 countries on the map of Europe. You get more regions currently no portable Navi. Practical: The entire map material is supplied pre-installed on a 2-gigabyte memory card. Updating the Euriopakarte is possible every 12 months and costs 100 euros. For all U.S. travelers: You can purchase the complete North America map for 129 euros. Class: A European City Guide by polyglot is preinstalled on the Medion GPS. This will give you information on attractions, hotels, restaurants and night life.