Men Underwear Boxer Briefs Anti-Radiation Protection

There have so far worldwide more smartphones than humans, and the Germans spend around 303 million minutes per day on their phone. The equivalent of a person 576 years passing on his mobile … This is undoubtedly the improbable figures who gave the idea of ​​anti-radiation boxer to German startup Kronjuwelen.
It is known and recognized, the waves emitted by mobile phones have a real impact on fertility and may even make it sterile. But every problem is an opportunity for men to find a solution, and this is what the company Kronjuwelen (literally “the crown jewels” in French). Their response? A boxer that protects the private parts of the male sex radiation. This small jewels of technology is currently available in beige or brown, for the modest sum of 30 euros on Amazon.
This underwear is made ​​of polyester and polyamide in a mixture specially woven, according to thedressexplorer. However, the subject is still in its infancy and therefore is not yet reliable. While some types of radiation are blocked at 90%, Bluetooth and WiFi are only 69%, and the WiFi new generation is only 60%. The road is still long to get to filter all the air, but it is certain that it will one day become shorts a must. The impact of smartphones on fertility is not to be taken lightly. An Israeli study found that talking on the phone an hour a day, or with the phone on charge, almost double the concentration of abnormal sperm in men, it would rise from 36% to 61%. In July 2012, 90% of the adult population in Israel owned a phone. And mobile technology Nokia study showed that one looks notifications on their phone about 150 times a day.
So gentlemen have children at a price, and it is 30 € (well just the pants). But when the small anti-radiation panties?