Men's Guide to Buying Shoes

How men buy their shoes

Since the creation of Norbert Bottier in 1981 a lot of things have changed. But there is one constant: the way in which our male customers buy their shoes! The majority of our clients, they take a certain pleasure in strolling in front of the windows and buy many pairs of often impulsively. Men, however, do conduct buying a pair of shoes that when an opportunity to force them and that they are “at the foot of the wall” : interview, new job, invitation to a wedding, or simply wear and tear of the previous pair, buying men’s shoes (almost!) always rests with the obligation.

You recognize yourself in this portrait? This is not surprising. And it would not be very serious, if this approach was not the source of a number of errors.
Let’s get this, the problem is the following, the man buys shoes by need and often in an emergency. And it is in such situations that a mistake is more easily!
First mistake to purchase: the wrong shoes
The first and the worst of mistakes make people (men as well as women also) for a purchase of shoe, it is to believe that all the legs are similar and that the shoe is a standard product.
If you’re not careful, it is unfortunately very likely that you fall on a completely inappropriate shoe to your foot!
Here are some tips from to help you avoid this kind of mishaps and to accommodate you in the best of a shoe:

  • If you have a kick high or medium, choose instead a shoeDerby only one Richelieu .Indeed, because of its height in input sound Arch of foot wide and generous, a Derby is well less restrictive for the foot as a Richelieu.
  • If you end your feet, on the contrary, the Richelieu shoe and its more elongated lines will be perfect for you!
  • When you choose a moccasin, it must be quite adjusted to the foot.Indeed, his tray will quickly expand and offer additional volume. After the purchase of a moccasin, it is best to not wear it, initially, only a few hours a day. So even if you buy it tight, it will form to your feet without causing them injury. The moccasins that we sell have the advantage to adapt to a very large number of morphologies. But in cases where a gene or a surplus of volume arise, you can always ask our workshop to address this concern. We have what it takes on the spot and are happy to help our customer to feel better in their shoes.
  • If you struggle to put on your boots, you can put some talcum powder inside its foothills to make the passage of the foot more easily.
  • If you have wide feet, there is not inevitable.You can always find a shoe to look slender and elegant, as long as you’re looking at a professional. For example, some of the models in our collection have been intentionally mounted on slender shapes with a body shape expanded to the level of the kick and of the metatarsal joint. Ask us for advice!
  •  Finally, if you are shopping for shoes in the store, do them in mid-afternoon. During the day the foot swells. So, if you buy a shoe in the morning and it fits you perfectly, it may prove to be too little late in the day and so you cause pain.

Second mistake to purchase: the mirage of not expensive shoes
For any purchase, shoe or other, price is always a factor. But this may be misleading because, ultimately, it is the less expensive shoes that turn out more expensive initially. This logic may seem counterintuitive at first. Quick demo:
When you buy shoes at low dealer of range (typically, brands offering pairs to 150, quickly discounts when you buy several coup), you get pairs that are expensive to buy, but which degrade in just six months.
After being a bit worn, these shoes will be distorted because of the weakness of used leathers. In addition their soles welded (or falsely sewn), bad synthetic leather, will be severely worn. In other words: your shoes will become importable at work or for any other occasion where it is to be a minimum of care and elegance… Must go through the purchase of shoes box!
Worse still, this kind of purchase leave you with shoes that are truly harmful to your health.Indeed, over time, bad inner linings of these pairs at low prices are the cause of mushrooms and other fungi. In addition, their general discomfort and their lack of maintenance has a disastrous effect on the bones of your feet, and so on the balance of your skeleton. It is essential to wear shoes that will keep your calcaneus and Astragalus your your metatarsals in place, otherwise the savings you make shoes will be (very) far outweighed by your physical therapist bills…
And if I maintain my cheap pair well? It’s obviously a good reflex. But you will have beautiful shine those shoes purchased at a discount, their leather did not react to the treatment.Indeed, in the case of cheap shoes, the leather upper has never more his original flower. For this kind of shoes, it is removed in favor of a plastic material, which in addition to being waterproof to any treatment, will warp at a very high speed.
So six months before they become like you will wear these shoes. If you can wear them more often, do not hesitate to send us a photo, we would love to see it!
Let’s say that you have paid your father € 100: you paid € 16 per month for your shoe.
Now, imagine that you are buying real a pair of shoes with the subsistence minimum: leather full grain, mounting Goodyear, leather lining of calf, first editing natural leather sole leather sewn small-points, heel leather layer by layer. With us, you would get you for €240 on average.
The huge difference between a pair of Norbert Bottier and a pair at a discount between is, well maintained, it will last you without penalty 10 years: since 1981, we had time to see. No need to be a Polytechnic to understand to 240/120 = €2 / month, invest in a real pair of shoes is 8 times less expensive than a cheap pair!
In other words, as soon as you consider buying a shoe as an investment rather than an expense, it appears to be filthy rich to afford a pair at low prices.
Third mistake in buying: the myth of the single pair
Maybe it’s the biggest mistake men make, and we see it regularly! There are many who seem to think that after buying a pair of shoes, they can wear all day, for all occasions. However it is not.
Firstly, a shoe leather was a living material, it is absolutely imperative to let it sit between ports. It is only in this way that your purchase of shoe will allow you to enjoy a pair for many years. Because the best of shoes will die early if you don’t let not his leather get back up (including using a shoe unvarnished to restore its shape and absorb the humidity of the day).
If you want your shoes to last long, alternate between two or three pairs at a minimum. Here again, this may seem counterintuitive at first glance, but for buying shoes, buy more, buy less in the long run!
In addition, the first rule of elegance is not to wear the same thing from one day to another, whether it’s a tie, a jacket suit or a pair of shoes. And an elegant man wearing either the same shoes for all occasions.
In the same way that you wear a shirt to work, a nice sweater for a drink on the terrace and an old t-shirt when you do your laundry, we do recommend not wearing your pair of Richelieu one – cut leather full flower every time you go out. There are opportunities for fine city and the opportunities to large solid boots shoes. (It seems even that in some cases, the basketball would be recommended!)
Shop of shoe depending on the occasions for which you need: for walks in the forest, the weekend, a good pair of Blackburn with their solid sewn Norwegian, for work, one Dorchester , classic.
If you buy a pair to wear every day, you will expose you both to its premature destruction (vamp quickly and permanently pleated heels destroyed) and the lack of taste. You decide which is the more serious!
The project of Norbert Bottier is so not to sell you one pair of shoe so that you ruin her, but to allow you, at your own pace, you build a sustainable, adaptable and elegant collection. Regularly follow our advice and you will make your shoes at least ten years, so as to save over the long term.

Purchase shoes: If you adopt the right reflexes?

The best way to get it right to purchase, it’s not to buy in a hurry. Take a moment to look at the windows, try on a pair, discuss with a seller (without necessarily believe everything he tells you!) and make your own opinion about the quality of leather and the shape of the shoes. In the exercise of your eye before you buy you know to find the perfect pair the day came. And for some tips on how to spot a good quality leather, read our article on the issue.

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