Men's Underwear, Which Do Not Stop Laughing!

You think about men’s underwear you know everything? Pieces that show you today will convince you otherwise. They are designed primarily to make love, but … just one look and you stop laughing!
Okay, we admit, designers do a lot of work to develop new and novel concepts in men’s briefs, boxers and not all men’s underpants. It must be hard to keep up with the times, clients’ requirements and trends. And it is so demanding that some of them suspect of drinking alcohol during working hours. How else to explain some of the pieces, which are sold for sex on the internet? Say themselves, ladies, if you are dressed like a lover managed to fuck!

Underpants with ventilation

Stands seven hundred and rear revealing more than hiding. So little act as effective ventilation during flatulence and their appearance Not even that model has quite a good butt. But what about your Pepin? It would look on it as well? What would not say if something got as a gift for Valentine’s day? Tentatively ask him a humorous and peculiar reactions noted in the discussion under article!

What? Snake?

Animal kingdom is in the field of men’s underwear abundantly represented. After kachničkách, slůňátkách, and even printing a legendary cat Hello Kitty on the market came something much worse. Men lift confidence chatter that own anaconda, and their words to encourage the donation of tiny snake head tang, probably will be among the favorites fórkům on the occasion of April. On another day but try it!

Let me up!

Did you know that the so-called G-String may cock his head and emit fancy sounds? Dealer notes that such a prank is suitable for any occasion. So one thing is certain. When he falls out of his pants bird, this evening you will never forget, even if you learn that the whole fun is worth the equivalent of 260 crowns. And it can be even worse! What next can hardly recover?

Lace wins!

Lace, it is widely used material in women’s clothing. And lately even then men. Do not believe? Candyman Lace Jockstrap how this piece is called, is designed for a spicy look whenever the man wants to feel sexy. At least it is in the description for a picture dealer. You can choose from black, green and orange colors, but the last one of us personally absolutely got to his knees. You sacrifice 460 crowns, or if you prefer to boxers?

(Ne) Stylish pant

Yes, boxers can be lace. Foreign trade come eight hundred with that on the rear again preserves the material, so that not only serves to greedy views dam, but also to vent odoriferous and killer Kraken their wearer. Or does it specifically this modýlek really seem sexy?

Help me, fire!

If you are after viewing gallery saying that the worst thing in the world of men’s erotic underwear on display, you flew, we have to disappoint you. Breathe in and imagine that your lovely evening dalliance zpestříte game on firefighters and Beauty in Trouble. What he probably should be in costume, what do you think?
You’d like you need one that is called Fireman Boxer, which includes a hose placed on the sore spot of the male body, which is normally approaching with enthusiasm? Just look at this hose can really boggle! And for $ 47, that is the equivalent of 940 crowns twice. Better send it its necessary to the hairdresser. This is a better investment, for in April is still far away…
A model that appeals to you? What do you buy your partner as a gift?