Microsoft Band Fitness Tracker Smart Watch Health Monitor

Microsoft has finally introduced the long-awaited device – Band, which is something like in the world of portable gadgets, combining the functionality of fitness tracker and this clever clock.
After months of rumors, guesses and wild speculation Microsoft has finally presented its long-awaited wearable device. It is called Band and type breslet. In fact, Microsoft Band is a multifunctional device designed for collecting data on physical activity, and to accompany smartphone options for displaying notifications and full SmartWatch functionality.
Smart bracelet to Microsoft is equipped with an impressive range of sensors which include an optical sensor for heart rhythm triosoen accelerometer/gyroscope, GPS receiver, sensors osvtenost, temperature and UV radiation and skin-galvaniyaen sensor. To display information and control device has a touchscreen 1.4-inch display with a resolution of 320 × 106 pixels. Moreover, there is a microphone vibromotor and module Bluetooth 4.0 ( wireless connection.

Like any fitness tracker bracelet can collect information about the steps and calories expended, distance, heart rate changes during the day as well as the duration and quality of sleep and general level of physical activity.
Based on this information the device can help to achieve certain sports and make recommendations for a healthy lifestyle. The gadget works with application Microsoft Health, which according to official information, using means of machine learning in data interpretation and analysis of information received.
As previously mentioned, Microsoft Band bracelet can easily be used as a smart watch with available modes timer and stopwatch. With it, users can view notifications, read text messages and headers received e-mails, receive reminders from the calendar, and from their accounts on Facebook and Twitter. There is also a firm’s voice assistant Cortana, which can create reminders anticipated events.
Bracelet Microsoft has performed a casing with dust and splash, and power is provided by two batteries with a capacity of 100 mAh, which charge the company says takes “48 hours of normal use.” Their full charge takes you a little less than an hour and a half.
Microsoft Band wearable device can work in tandem with mobile devices under the management of Windows Phone 8.1, iOS 7.1 and newer and Android 4.3-4.4 and later versions, note from the manufacturer.