Microsoft Lumia 950 Battery

It has been one of the most flagrant disappointments Microsoft Lumia 950: the inability to unlock the phone with a double tap as does occur in most of Lumia with Windows Phone 8.1. Result? We will have the lock screen under the screen quick view must press the power button to switch from the second to the first. But yes: we can double – click on the navigation bar to turn off the screen from anywhere (outside the three action buttons). And the touch screen response is unbeatable.

Microsoft Lumia 950 Battery

Microsoft is leaving the unibody design in this high range to offer a removable and interchangeable battery, which is positive for the possibilities offered by the user in maintaining the life of your smartphone. 3000 mAh We can not seem to me excessive, especially given the Quad HD display of which boasts; but we can not say that autonomy is bad: with normal use we reached last a day and a half, approximately (sporadic on the screen, wifi majority, after consultation message notifications, photos…). Squeezing use the battery fades quickly, leaving in about six hours if given enough “cane”. It recharges quickly enough (incorporates fast charging), although not as fast as other smartphones with Android also compatible with this technology Qualcomm.

Enter a section that will do most of the valuations in a personal capacity: been usingWindows mobile since it appeared Windows Phone (even earlier, already had Windows Mobile ). And I have to say: the evolution of the operating system is not deserving. It is obvious that Windows 10 mobile has improved a lot ( it would be absurd not the case), which have corrected the vast majority of its drawbacks and that it despite its critics, is the level of iOS or Android in terms of experience of user.But still maintain gross errors after years of evolution is to let them look very deeply.

The setup menu. Really, Microsoft ? Have not you learned anything in all these years? For more than Windows 10 it has improved considerably better grouping various settings, remain absurd locations of many of them. For example, to change the screen quick view you have to go to ” Settings / Extras / Screen Quick View “, being neither in ” System / Display ” or ” Customization / Screen lock “. Do you want to adjust the color profile? The same. And from where you say that you can adjust the vibration of the buttons on the dock? Seek him, you will see what alaugh.

Not for me to renege style Windows Phone: tiles and minimalist’ve always liked. We have more customization options with Windows 10 (not many, do not emocionéis); along with a better integration with applications desktop devices(yes this is thanks to Microsoft). Office automation apps are still the best system and the small details that are discovered diving in the settings (the possibility of adding a tile with the battery information is one of them).

10, this is the Microsoft Lumia 950 camera. Or even higher, it is certainly the best (would be within the podium, that ‘s for sure) that we can find in a smartphone today. And it is that the Lumia high – end never disappoints at this point, integrating here for a sensor of 20 megapixels leaning against the PureView technology, in set of lenses Carl Zeiss, in image stabilizer (with which videos are recorded and take pictures of spectacular night), at the opening f / 1.9 with a brightness astounding three multi – tone LED is achieved to increase the brightness when needed and, to complete the excellent lineup, Microsoft integrates a software processing honors. If the software is limping, the camera corrects the defect raising the average number of points.

It is a joy to play with the camera Microsoft Lumia 950. In both automatic mode and manual mode, achieving spectacular photographs. Perhaps the system abuses automatic corrections (you will notice that many images are slow to be saved because the mobile is processing, heat up excessively because of the extra work that has to perform the processor) but, as a rule, snapshots improve in terms of naturally, exposure, color balance and brightness. In addition, you can adjust the light in low – light shots, getting the same result as if we had photographed the scene under natural light. Mind – boggling, really. And if activáis added: you will have images with a few seconds of video (Liuxers), to iPhone Live Photos.

In the video also excels, especially the hardware itself camera and recording capacity up to 4K. Also at 1080p and 60 fps, resulting in smooth videos and fluids with high quality.

The response of the camera just a second delay by holding down the dedicated button, this being another of the great advantages of Microsoft Lumia 950. Double position for focus and shooting, achieving an auto focus quite fast (also by tapping on the screen) that it becomes dull under low light.


The Microsoft Lumia 950 is one of those smartphones that do not return after analysis: could automatically become my personal mobile. Perhaps in small design simplistic and even vitiated the incomprehensible lack of Windows 10 for mobile, but believe me: it is a capable of surprising even those who have never used a Windows mobile smartphone. And if not your case and walk renew looking for a smartphone that comes directly with Windows 10, this is your choice. Or perhaps the Lumia 950 XL; although that is another story.

A decent autonomy, very good screen, hardware at the highest level and more than able to meet the needs of the system… and a camera so delicious evitaréis not tempted to go out with mobile only for pictures. Even at night: lighting is achieved in catches doubt that you will fotografiáis with a mobile phone.

Complete, powerful, capable and not too expensive under specifications. After weeks of testing, we can recommend the Microsoft Lumia 950 with closed eyes. You’ll love it.


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October 20, 2016

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