Mobile Phone Calls From Abroad: Holidaymakers In The Tariff Jungle

On the subject of mobile phone calls from abroad the mobile radio companies will be stressed customer-friendly. Suitable to the holiday period, T-Mobile, Vodafone D2, E-Plus and O2 have knitted special rates. Its promise: it will be cheaper and more transparent for the customers, who have paid often too much for the call home so far according to the European Commission. The offensive of the company however passes on target as customers in the tariff jungle threatens to lose to.

T-Mobile and Vodafone D2 have already introduced the yarn that is prescribed by the European Commission this month. However, the minute price of 58 cents applies only to roughly 40 percent of the roughly 30 million customers – the rest must wait yet. With Vodafone all contracts to switch to the end of July and at the Telekom first end of October, after the summer holidays. A spokesman for T-Mobile justified the late date with the IT system. We do not do this in one fell swoop.
At the smaller E-Plus, that touting the transparency of their base and Simyo brands, it will properly complicated. Although the price below the 58 cents per minute, which is but only in selected international networks. Who will not manually choose the correct provider at his cell phone, need to access deep in the Pocket. O2 also has set up hurdles for his cheap foreign package. So is charged the fare for a month at the price of EUR 8, included are the first 100 minutes for incoming calls.
Rates closely examine
Experts criticize the practice: once the regulation is implemented, will scan to the thicket, says Martin Müller, Managing Director of industry service He recommends the customers to check their rate before traveling abroad. Also new offers could higher prices for calls to countries outside the EU include.
Clarity will probably only bring the complete implementation of the late June imposed EU directives. The providers are therefore forced from October, for calls within the European Union per minute not more than 58 cents and to quote no more than 28 cents for incoming calls. The border get customers also an SMS in which they are informed about the minute price, says Müller.
Experts expect a further decline in the international fees for the coming years: the prices for voice and data services would continue to fall, says Martin Gutberlet by the market research company Gartner. Since the current tariffs are up to ten times higher than phone calls from home. (DPA/UL)