Mota Remote Controlled Helicopter Review

Why does an airplane fly? Now, as the air passes around the airfoil. And why not let stress the wing through the air, in those days thought the engineers and already had helicopters or helicopter invented, in which the rotor blades rotate and thus generate lift. The sprint class, join but little air space with technology but also sophisticated control behavior. They are often filled with mechanics. DIY only on plans or own constructions are possible only if you have access to a good tool machinery and the deal also white. Since it is so for most of us, we have to buy us an RC helicopter.

RC Helicopter Flying Is Different
Yes, flying helicopters has some of the balancing a broomstick on the index finger.Formerly it was still that it is immensely complicated. I say it is simply to control unlike an airplane. Is motorcycling difficult than driving a car? No, it is different and not comparable. Nowadays, there are RC helicopters, which are very easy to fly. By this I mean not only the coax helicopters, where two rotors rotate over one another and thus can be dispensed with the rear Red, but also “normal” RC helicopter. But still heli flying is a little tricky, because you always have to correct in any direction and can not rest for a second.
Tip: Flight Simulators
Well for starters and great material and budget-smart are simulators that you can learn to fly on a PC without large investments. There are free programs from the Internet or even very wily purchasable software that represent everything so precisely that some colleagues do not want to go to the airfield.
Control of a Helicopter
Why RC Helicopter is so difficult to control? Attention, now it is fairly technical. I’ll try not to write gibberish, but drawn it understandable for non-professionals.
The spinning rotor not only provides the lifting force for the RC helicopter sold on Behealthybytomorrow, but also to assume more control functions:

  • Pitch (raise and lower)
  • Roll (sideways roll right and left)
  • Nick (forward and backward tilt).

The tail rotor rotates the RC helicopter quasi around the rotor (yaw).
Pitch, roll and pitch commands are transmitted from the swash plate to the rotor blades, it is the centerpiece of a RC helicopter. This is not a dance floor, even if the name suggests, but a kind of coupling between the rotating rotor and the pressure hull. The swash plate can be pushed onto the rotor axis up and down while also inclined in all directions. The swash plate is coupled to the rotor blades and changes its setting angle, and thus the lift produced by them.
When up-down push one speaks of collective pitch, when tilting of cyclic pitch. Cyclic means that a rotor blade in his journey around the rotor axis-a revolution-experiences different angle and thus produces different buoyancy, depending on its position on the circular path.
This is also the overall buoyancy which produces the rotor changes, he is inclined or rolled or increased, or decreased. This then controls the RC helicopter in the desired direction: forward, backward, left, right, up, down. If one has since issued the correct command. The rotation around the vertical axis ( “yaw”) is controlled by the tail rotor.Creates the colleague more or less force, so it causes thanks to its long lever arm to the rotor axis rotation of the RC helicopter to just this.
Leidig, however, is that each time the lift is also the resistance changes and thus the torque of the rotor. The engine namely not only rotates the rotor, but he would also turn the RC helicopter around the rotor. This is to prevent the causative role of the tail rotor.But when the torque of the rotor changes, by pitch, roll or pitch, then the power must change, which applies to the tail rotor to keep the fuselage in its position. For any change to the rotor including an appropriate amendment to be made to the tail rotor.And we have to because we control constantly on the rotor at RC helicopter also permanently control the tail rotor.
But must not we! Smart people have a device called gyro (English “gyro”, has nothing to do with pseudogriechischem Fastfood) invented. The smart thing remembers exactly when the fuselage is twisting and automatically controls the tail rotor to. Well, if you are working for one, eh? The so-called heading-Hold gyro are a further development. They nail the RC helicopter formally in its direction determined she “holden” the “heading”, I would say, in perfect “Denglisch”.
Not all RC helicopters have a cyclic pitch, so pitch. Some RC helicopter without it in order to simplify the mechanics and control the ebb and flow of RC helicopter just by changing the speed of the rotor. This works just fine, but is somewhat slower and not as agile as a pitch-controlled rotor.