Motorola Moto Z-New Information Gel Act [update]

After the flagships of the top manufacturers Samsung, Huawei, LG and HTC were presented, a release of the new Moto X seems to move closer. In this post we have summarized all rumors to design, technical features, price and release of the Moto X 2016.

“MotoMods” – modular extension in the trend

May 26 – the idea of Moto Z is fast approaching, which increases also the wealth of information. AsVentureBeats now, there will be modular components to the flagship phone that you want to extend the functionality. The four so-called “MotoMods” speech is specifically: stereo mod (offers stereo speakers), Pro camera-mod (module with great grip, flashlight, zoom lens and shutter release), adventure mod (module for outdoor activities) and the classic power mod, which offers an extra battery and to extend the term. The trend towards modularity is plain to see in this year. LG has already shown it with his G5 and even Google is working with his project ARA on a similar concept.

Looks so the Moto Z?

25 may – Evan certainly already a household name is some pale, because finally there is a “professional”Leaker, who often published product images and information in the past before the related product ever introduced. Also to the Moto Z Evan has shown pale (@evleaks) something on his Twitter account. On the picture you can see the supposed models in three different colors.

New name

May 23 – how venture beats reported, there could be a change of name of the X-series this year. This is goodbye by “X” and the new device provided with a “Z”. Of course, this could stand for a greater distinction in regard to the design and the technical facilities to its predecessors.


While the Moto Z of the first generation was plastic, put the second generation on wertigere materials, such as metal and leather. Of course, at the Moto Z 2016, it should continue this concept. Many on the net of circulating renderings can hope on an aluminum unibody. While the frame is slightly rounded, the back is rather flat. A distinctive feature seems to be the camera this year. You noticed a very large lens and rises as it looks, unfortunately, also from the housing. There’s not much to tell her it is a classic Smartphone-front, as it is currently common to the front. The square Home button is something out of the ordinary.
Also, it is unclear whether “on-screen-” or capacitive buttons are installed. In the past, Motorola continued to the former. The images after this could change but with the new model, as you can see two points on the rendering left and right next to the home button, the very likely capacitive buttons are. The Moto Z 2016 acts, according to at least the gel files pictures, high quality and seems to be at the level of the current flagships.

Technical data – fingerprint sensor and auto laser focus

In the Moto Z 2016 we will find memory a Snapdragon 820 4 GB with high probability. An Benchmark record from last month confirmed this once again. Thus the new Moto Z on par with the champions of this year would be located. In addition to strong assumes that a fingerprint sensor is integrated in the new home button. In the past, it has refused such a button, therefore the implementation of points strongly to a fingerprint sensor. The huge camera lens ensures the greatest speculation. She remembers the appearance to a Microsoft Smartphone, however can say hardly something concrete about the features of the camera. A laser focus would be conceivable, as we know it from the HTC 10. To the review of the HTC 10

Presentation on the 9th of June

After you on the press event on May 17, two new models of the Motorola Moto G series (4th generation) has presented, is to swiftly follow the flagship model. After they had secured the brand name, a tea er video was released, which announces the introduction of the new smartphones. The Moto Z within the framework of the Lenovo tech world events will be presented on June 9. We are looking forward.