Mountain Bike Accessories Must Have

If you are buying a mountain bike, pay considerable attention to the individual components. Quality and design forks, handlebars, brakes, suitably chosen saddle or pedals, all this will help you ride, increasing its experience and provide maximum safety. Also must have is the bike spoke light. Check this link.

Sort by bike – the purchase and selection of accessories

Mountain bike you are getting for it to be able to ride in terrain difficult to carry out trips and descents. Therefore, it is necessary to select the good components that will operate safely and are made of quality materials.
To sort used front derailleur and rear derailleur. Derailleur is located between the pedal and flip the chain between the transducers, which are three toothed plates between the pedals. 3 plates are now commonplace. Small plate means less demand on pedaling, you choose it when going uphill. Large plate is on the contrary designed for quick and easy ride that is not demanding on energy expenditure. Derailleur is controlled by the left hand.

Derailleur is disposed on the axis of the rear wheels and ensures shifting the chain between sprockets, ie. Pinions. Pinions may be a different number, five, six to ten pieces. The greater the number of sprocket teeth you have, the more you will have a wider range of gear, from the lightest to the heaviest. The number of pinions then also reflects the strength of the chain. Derailleur is controlled by the right hand.
Derailleur and derailleur at MTB operated directly from the handlebars. It’s up to you which operating system you choose. Either there is a lever system, which on the handlebars of an inch stalk find these two mechanisms, or you can leave the mount called. Grip Shift key when you turn the power of the palm mechanism replicating the handlebar tube.

Forks – purchase a selection of accessories

For MTB, you can choose between a fixed or suspended front fork. Fixed fork is not so friendly at impact. The suspension will save the arms and wrists. Therefore, it is recommended to choose the terrain bike with suspended front fork.
You can also purchase a fork with lock-out. In case you are driving down the road and fork lock against the spring and becomes a solid plug. This will allow a faster and smoother ride and save energy, you would in the event of a suspension fork invested in the spring. On the ground, the fork will be unlocked and you can safely pass inequalities and barriers.
If you would like to have maximum comfort, there is also a rear suspension frame. But for normal cycling this supplement is too expensive compared to how much you use it to their needs.
The suspension system is either a spring, a spring / oil and air / oil. Method suspension affects the cost and maintenance.

Handlebars – purchase a selection of accessories

U handlebar importantly their width. This should correspond to the width of your shoulders. If they are closer, you’ll unnecessarily slouch and you feel the pain of the cervical spine. If they are too wide, so the bike will stretch našponovaní, you will not have the necessary stability and the hands of your reaction will be slow and cumbersome.
Handlebars are made ​​either equal or different, more or less shaped. The shaped handlebars you move your hands slightly upwards, then not so much bent over the bike. At the end of the handlebar, you can purchase the horns, which are short ends mounted at an angle of 90 degrees. Corners helps you in challenging hike where you will be able to push hard on the pedals. ** **
Handlebars can consolidate even the so-called. Stem. The stem is sold in different lengths and its effect is such that the handlebars from each other by sliding further toward the front of the bike. This can easily extend the length of the final round and secure a proper seating position.

Saddle – purchase a selection of accessories

Saddle choose according to whether you are going on long trips or just ride around in. If you prefer a shorter ride, all you need is softer and more comfortable seat. On the long journey it is advisable to choose a harder seat, which is also often knockouts central part. This prevents dampness.
Saddles are sold in a variety of shapes, from thin after a wider anatomically shaped saddle for women. On the market are also available seats gel to give your sitting position and greater driving comfort.

The pedals – the purchase and selection of accessories

Mountain bike can be equipped with two types of pedals. Conventional pedals, which can be used by any shoe, ideally with a softer soled to adhere to the surface of the pedal. Or clipless pedals, which also take appropriate footwear.
Clipless pedals can take pictures only when you feel confident in my driving terrain. Indeed foot is firmly attached to the pedal. System snap out of the shoe from the pedal out is not complicated, but you need faster and more flexible response.
Advantages clipless pedals:

  • Stronger connection legs pedal allows for more efficient pedaling. Pushing both feet down, but you can also use the legs move upward.
  • Noha you on the ground when driving over bumps does not slip off the pedal.

If you would like to use both options, eg. When driving in light terrain or on-road use treads, and in difficult terrain rather have a leg free and always ready to block the fall, you can buy two-sided pedals. On one side you have the classic pedal from the other side footboard.

Brakes – purchase a selection of accessories

Brakes are the most important component that affects the safety of your ride. Properly inspected, adjusted and regularly maintained brakes are a must. For MTB distinguishes between four braking systems:

  • V-brake – it is a classic rim caliper brakes, their performance is given mechanically handshake. They are priced cheapest. Their efficiency is high, but not as fast and efficient as other types.
  • Hydraulic rim – rim these caliper brakes differ from the V-brake braking the transmission pulse. This is compounded by using hydraulics. The brake pulse is much faster and more efficient.
  • disc mechanical – disc brake is mounted on a special hubs, these brakes are characterized by high efficiency, no damage to the wheel and are safe, even when wet or mud that sticks to the wheel rims. The braking impulse is transmitted mechanically handshake.
  • Hydraulic disc – there is a braking impulse is transmitted using hydraulics. These brakes serve the highest performance.

Each brake systems differ in structure, transmission of the braking momentum and price. Hydraulic brakes is more challenging as finance, as well as maintenance. If you’re cool rider, richly you make do with the classic V-brake. Alternatively, it is good to provide a combination of disc brakes and rim, and according to your requirement.
On the front wheel, where you brake less frequently, it is possible to get rim brake with lower efficiency, and on the back, then put the disc brake. The rear brakes are using much more so to prevent damage to the rim and ensures a sufficient effect when braking. Disc brake respond to stimuli faster and with more vigor.

Wheels – Purchase and selection of accessories

The wheels consist of rims, spokes, hubs and tires. Rims are components that depend on the stability and strength of the drive. If the rim is made ​​of poor quality material, time begins to crack, or will collapse. Thanks to this, there is also damage to the spokes (spokes).
Spokes is composed of rays that can be made ​​of steel, chrome or more expensive materials such as duralumin or titanium. The rate of spokes and also determines its strength. Default is 32 beams in the spokes, if less, the wheel becomes more brittle and prone to cracking spokes.
Raincoats choose according to whether you ride mostly in rugged terrain, or if your horse is balanced, both in the field and also on the road. MTB designed casing with a rough pattern. They are stronger and more resistant to puncture, when scanning over roots and rocks. If you ride both on-road and off-road, choose a coat that is in the middle lane with continuous fine pattern. It is a versatile sheath that serve well for both types surfaces.

Mountain bikes – Supplies

Now you know what parameters to look for when choosing the right mountain bike. The off-road driving is not only necessary to have satisfactory bike, but you must also be equipped with the necessary accessories that will make it easier and more pleasant ride, or protect you. About accessories You can read more in the article “Mountain bikes – supplements”.