Much Is Has Spoken of The Brothers-In-Law, But What There Is of The Sisters-In-Law?

This year has been the year of the in-laws. Its prominence has locked up all the media and social networks, and they have already won the category of becoming an urban tribe with their customs and their idiosyncrasies. But where there is a brother-in-law tends to have a sister-in-law. Then what nobody talks about them? Today We identify the types of sisters-in-law you can find you and give you the keys to interact with them.

The sister-in-law Superwoman

Don’t try to compete with her because you carry all the losing. This type of sister-in-law It’s practically perfect in everything he does, like Mary Poppins, but singing. It is an axe in his profession, the perfect mistress of House and always goes made a brush. It is a day of what goes and what not, and not long to let you know when to serve those deviled eggs and give you your prescription, much less passé than yours, clear. She is manipulative and has a strategy for all, even to control how develop relations within the family, where you like to take the lead. Many times it will delay motherhood to thus be able to concentrate in its quest to dominate the world, but when you decide to have children feel that they will be better in everything that yours, will play the violin with four years and will study primary in German.

Yes, your sister-in-law Superwoman also wins marathons. What laziness…

Its B.S.O.: The ride of the Walkirias of Wagner. It puts it for inspiration on a daily basis, either to enter into that meeting as the Trojan horse or to confront the family meal in which ye shall speak of inheritance.

In their favor: Be inspired by it to make you the space that you deserve in the family.

Against: You can not think of mentioning much or become the target of his Machiavellian plans.

The sister-in-law to the edge of an attack of nerves

This poor could hire her as an extra in The Walking Dead by his zombie face and bad taste dressing. Between work, the House and the four unruly kids dragging everywhere it can’t with his soul, dark circles are mixed with the chaps and He goes through life like a chicken without a head. You’ve already seen it twice with the backwards jersey and has a tic in the perpetual eye that gives you “cosica”. The few occasions in which you get to strike up a conversation with her, you only responded with monosyllabic and three unconnected phrases, but is that the poor woman does not give for more. Understand it. Once he began to snore between the first and the second course. In the midst of a family reunion with twelve children hitting screams and your brothers talking about football.

Will not have nor idea of clothes has been that morning, but takes a count of how many minutes has been the child playing Candy Crash

Its B.S.O.: Today I can not lift of Mecano. To add, nor tomorrow, nor past, nor to the other…

In their favor: It is the best method of anti-conceptivo you know.

Against: With that that she “can’t life” you will be eat all the family Brown.

The sister-in-law of the soul

It was love at first sight, since your brother brought her to dinner one night at home and wondered how that 10 women had agreed to go out with that brat putting you toothpaste on your face while you were sleeping. You could spend the hours talking with her and you have so much in common that it scares. You are looking forward to having a family reunion to be able to sit at his side and a laugh. You call you each day to gossip by phone and organize together plans. Most.

I wish I had known before your sister-in-law of the soul! Time you have to recover…

Its B.S.O.: You got a friend of Carly Simon.

In their favor: Who would say you you were going to find your BFF (Best Friend Forever) on the birthday of your aunt Grandma Renata?

Against: The day that decides to have children you will be the chosen person to babysit whenever you want to go out with her husband. Now get the idea.

The universe more Cool sister-in-law

It is a fashionista’s care, always abreast of what to take and what not (which normally coincides with the outfit that you have post and that she would not hesitate to criticize for your sake). Tends to be younger than you, which can be an incentive because you will be abreast of what goes and what not, the tricks of makeup and brands more cool without having to make the effort to collect all that information. ES like having a helper that summarize you all the fashion magazines at a family picnic or a free professional stylist.

It is always ideal. Even in the midst of the patatal in the village.

Its B.S.O.: Vogue-Madonna, Lady Gaga, Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku Girls Fashion and any other song that you hear on the catwalks of Paris, London, Milan or New York.

In their favor: It makes a few Kings and great birthday gifts.

Against: At his side, you feel like an expired yogurt and, as much as you try, your clothes will never look like yours but rather as a bag of rubbish report.

The sister-in-law satellite dish

It is the Queen of gossip. The Perez Hilton family version. He knows everything and everyone and has an amazing ability to collect information, analyze it, and return it to distribute along with new data that has been gathering along the way. Only she will know the real reasons why that second cousin bride left him (until called to the barracks of the Civil Guard to corroborate their suspicions) and why Fulanita fought with Menganita back in 87.

Sister-in-law antenna dish always is prepared to stay with the best site, from where you will watch and take note of all your movements.

Its B.S.O.: Rumore Rafaella CARRA.

In their favor: No need to see save me or any other program to be in wave gossip.

Against: Do not bother to hide anything or you will tell everyone that saw you leave the pharmacy with a very suspicious package the other day. As a pregnancy test or well.

Photos: CordonPress, Pixabay

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