Must Have Shoes 2015

You are charged for winter sales? I personally love them, they are definitely the best of all especially because you can not find in discount clothing and accessories that can then be reused throughout the year facing charges that can be fully amortized.
Speaking of accessories, the thing probably more popular ever since we women are the shoes and, for this reason, I propose some models off of the coolest this winter but can be reused in the next few months.

Here are three types of footwear in particular can definitely not to miss.


They are versatile, very comfortable and perfect for both winter and for summer ones. You can choose white sneakers such as Stan Smith adidas, or you can be more daring by choosing a pair of colorful, eccentric and unique sneakers as the now famous Chanel proposals from last season.


They could not miss in your closet this winter and will not miss in the coming months!
Choose them in dark colors if you do not want to risk making mistakes, and if you want to try something new try with beige as the Purefied model and will match very easily also during the coming summer months.


Forget the high heels, very high ones and support plateau: for today and for the next few months, you can choose high shoes with comfortable heels and no plateau!
The neckline is definitely the easiest to wear, but if you want you can also choose a pair of boots 60 years with fantasies like these from Valentino.