My Camera Is Improving!

A digital camera can see its capabilities evolve if it updates its program.
Last week, we explained how to upgrade a mobile phone. This week, we do it for digital cameras (APN). Indeed, they, too, know a second youth by upgrading their firmware or microcode in french. Replacing it with a new one, it is possible to change or add options to your APN.
We can thus correct, on some models, the problems of underexposure in automatic mode, white balance errors, better manage an external flash, add new languages for the menus, etc. Changes can be even more interesting in some cases. Take the example of the Nikon D70S, D70 case evolution. By changing the firmware, the owners of ‘the old’ D70 can enjoy some developments of the D70S, especially a faster auto focus and integration of PictBridge printing technology. The device turns almost into a D70S.
Be firm and aware
But careful to not miss the operation, at the risk of you end up with a unit of several hundred euros which does not work at all! This is why we recommend very strongly to use only the updates from the official site of the manufacturer, and scrupulously follow the recommendations. There are in fact of the firmware developed by enthusiasts and unrecognized by the manufacturers. If you ever had the idea to install these informal versions and you encounter problems, the manufacturer will not be able to help you, and the guarantee (if it is still valid) will not work!
Step 1: note the version of the firmware of your camera
At first, he must find and note the current version of the firmware of your camera. It appears on the device when start, or you’ll find in the menus of it. Most of the time, it is located in a section about… or information. This menu can be hidden himself in another menu, for example configuration Menu. If you have trouble finding, refer to the printed documentation.
Step 2: check if there is an update
To find out if there is a new version of firmware, go to your manufacturer’s website. Unfortunately, in many cases, it will have to visit the international site ( version not the French version ( The information will be in English. But even if you are unfamiliar with the language of Shakespeare, you should refer without difficulty, with, for bearings, the model of your device, the word firmware and the firmware version you have identified in the previous step. For our example, we chose Canon. Valid procedure for all models of photo cameras of the marque.1 – visit the site ‘ global ‘ cannon to address Our site. Look on the left side of the home page and click on the Digital Camera Site [Lik].2 link – you are now redirected to page of the Japanese site, among other things, the firmwares of Canon cameras (don’t worry, it is in English!). Find the Firmware Update column or Adjustment Program. You will find the list of classified updates, not by models, but by dates (most recent at the top). As they are very numerous, they are not all. If you do not link in connection with your device, click at the bottom of the column on.. .previous for a list exhaustive.3 – If you still can’t find any reference on your device, it is that there is no update available for this one. If you found it, verify that the firmware version that you noted in step 1 is the amount shown on the link. If a newer version is available, click it. You will be redirected to a page that will explain how to proceed (in English) and will give you a link to download this update. Attention, when you download the program, remember to keep your camera close to you because you will need the serial number of this (generally rated the appliance).
Step 3: proceed to the update
When you got the update via Internet program, we must follow to the letter the recommendations of the manufacturer for the installation. The easiest case to simply double-click on the file and be guided. In other cases, it will have to copy the file on the device since the micro memory card before inserting it into the casing. The transfer will be made when you turn back on the device. Sometimes it will go through the options of the software provided with the unit. Here is a detailed example for the update of the firmware from the Kodak V550.1 – visit the website of Kodak to check if there is an update for this device (as shown in step 2). Choose the version that matches your operating system (Windows) and click on telecharger.2-double click on the executable file. A Kodak_V550_Firmware folder is created that contains a file named KV550106. FW. Note its location. Connect the camera to the computer and launch the Kodak EasyShare software that came with it. On the Tools menu, click Synchronization Manager and transfert.3 – your device should appear in the transfer Manager window. Click the information tab. A line showing the current version of the firmware (01.0000, the original one) is displayed as well as a button to update the firmware. Click dessus.4 – you now need to tell the program where the file (identified by the extension. FW) KV550106. FW that you just downloaded. Click then on OK.5 – the program sends the new firmware to the camera and shows the way forward: he must turn the unit off, disconnect it from the microphone and turn it back on. Make sure you follow the instructions directly on the screen of the device. Finally, you will need to turn off and on once more the device so that the update is effective.
Attention at the level of the battery
Very important before you begin: perform the upgrade from your device only when it is connected to the mains! And if this is not possible, charge up the batteries or new batteries. Because if your device lack of energy during the update process and turns off, the result could be fatal for him!
What is it?
Also known as microcode. Small program built into the device and manages the functions of it.
Communication standard for digital data that allows to connect a digital camera directly to a printer, without having to go through a PC.