Nail Art: Geometric Nails

In recent years one of the nails is a passion that has involved many women, among the young people and not so young, who pushed by the desire to make it even more attractive their hands are turning to specially beauty salons nail called Nail Art Centre. You can also create beautiful decorations on their own, learning this art. If you opt for the first time in the work of Nail Art, will try to realize some geometric; your technique is fairly easy but requires precision and using tape striping, special adhesive tapes to be put on the nails, with which we can give shape to your drawing, without smearing. In this guide we will see how to make beautiful decorations for nails geometric, through a few simple steps and in a quick and practical. Let’s get to work.
To realize our geometric design, we will start with the roll out on the nails, perfectly clean and dry, a basic protective enamel strengthener, leaving it to dry for a few minutes. To bring out all over, we’ll need more contrasting colors: Roll out the first coat of enamel, using the first color chosen for our nail art, let it dry and repeat a second pass.
This first base, then we will apply the tape striping that will be used to form the various sections of the design, it is therefore essential that the enamel is completely dry before proceeding with this phase, to ensure that the adhesive strip can not tear, compromising the success of the work.
Cut the strips and posizioniamone, for example, two diagonally from top to bottom of the nail, then a third, overlapping, in the opposite diagonal: we get six triangles we’re going to color separately. We press gently applied the tape striping, to secure them well on the nail surface, helping us with a cuticle pusher or a wooden stick.
Let’s take a second color, and pass it on non-adjacent sections created, using a fine brush to obtain greater precision; at this point we will begin to get the idea of ​​how the work will result in a finished work. With the third color fill, always with a thin brush, the remaining sections and finally we remove the strips gently, starting from the piece that we had attacked last, possibly tinker with the brush.
Serving us the tape striping, we indulge ourselves on the nail to form different geometric shapes, depending on how they will apply them: we put on the surface of the first base color, two pieces to X, or form a cross, and we apply a third piece diagonally or simply we place two strips in the vertical direction and a horizontal direction; in any case we try to form small triangles, squares or rectangles to be glazed with different shades, based pairing that we prefer.
As you can see, create geometric nails is not so difficult, in fact, just follow the instructions in this guide to do it all to the best. It only remains to wish you good luck and have fun.