Nail Art: Nail Snow Effect

Christmas is now behind us, but we are still in the middle of winter. This means rain, cold and often snow. In these cases it would not be a bad idea to adopt a style consistent with the current season. And style is also noticeable in the details! So why not create something original with Nail art? We will try to create nails with “snow effect”, something colorful and delicate references to the period. Make a good Nail art is very simple. You do not need too much to get a sober and pleasant result. Let’s see how to do and what tools to use.
Make sure you have on hand:
Nail french.
Enamel monochrome blue or blue Tiffany.
Fan brush for nail art.
Brush a thin end.
white glitter.
protective base for nails.For this nail art effect snow we will give you a snowy border on light blue background. Very simple idea but it sure impact. The first step is to apply a good base for nails. It is essential to protect them from any wear and tear. Expect it to dry completely, then we spread two coats of enamel heavenly. We can adopt a common heavenly but also the Tiffany blue, very fashionable this winter. We look to the nail polish dry. Now we use the white enamel for french. Let us use a fine-tipped brush only to decorate the edges of the nails. It is important to be extremely precise. A bit of irregularities will naturally effect snow.
We spread on the ring of a bygone French stickers, single color. Now completely submerge the nail in the jar of glitter. If necessary to let more than once. Let dry, then spennelliamo off the excess glitter. To conclude this Nail art snow effect, we spread the top coat on all nails. In this way, we increase the protection of the work and its duration. It will also have a shiny appearance for a long time. So let two generous coats of top coat and let dry. This beautiful Nail art is easy to achieve, for us or for our friends. Of course we can add, if we choose, more details to work. We just a little imagination and creativity more.
With nail french still wet we pour a fair amount of glitter on your nails. Let us help with a fan brush to complete this step. It will be much easier to bring down our “snow” on the nails. Since the enamel should be well wet, we make this a nail job at a time. Expect everything to dry, then remove the excess glitter with a clean brush. To give a touch of contrast and originality we decorate the ring finger differently.
Never forget:
To minimize burrs, always resting the hand that extends the enamel on a stable surface.