Natural Eyebrow Makeup

I love to emphasize my eyebrows and rarely go “without” out of the House. Natural eyebrows are the frame of the face and give us a special expression. Have you ever seen pictures of celebrities without brewing? Partly, you no longer recognizes the persons because they completely differently “topless” look. From time to time, I’m changing the way I my eyebrows draw up or concretes. Once I have the phase in which I am using only eyebrow powder, then I brush them with colored gel in the form or I use a particular eyebrow pencil of Tweezerman, like here, in this tutorial.

Natural Eyebrow Makeup

1. Bring natural eyebrow

First, I get my brows in shape and brush them with a little Eyelash and eye brow brush in the form. Hiefür I comb them up to half (from starting the middle) upwards and in the last third to the rear.

2. Under the brows highlighting

My eyes and the eyelid to enlarge and to create visually more space, I’m starting to “highlighting” under the brows. For this, I use either a special highlighter pen or a highlighter cream (E.g. by Armani and Kiko). In the connection simply dazzle with your fingers.

3. Eyebrows draw

Now I come to the most exciting part. I take an eyebrow pencil in “taupe” and start only to be tightened from the sheet. Light strokes until the end of the brow – not too firmly! Then I work me in the beginning of my brewing.

4. Natural eyebrow comb and fix

Finally, I once again fix the natural look and wear a transparent or colored eyebrow gel. If you do not want this, can again comb through the brewing, to give them a natural touch.
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